My Friend Ganesha (A home made Turmeric Idol)
|   Sep 22, 2016
My Friend Ganesha (A home made Turmeric Idol)

My Friend Ganesha…

After a long day at work, crashed on the bed very late.  And in the wee hour of the morning a little Bal Ganesha besides me is asking me to keep him. And I got up astonished only to realize it was a dream!!  But me A believer in the Almighty is now profound in the intensity of the dream. And now connecting all the possible dots… this is not just a dream I dreamt of and forget it.  The little bal Ganesha was so perspicuous in front of my eyes and mind. And just couldn’t let go off the thoughts. But not sure of the implications of the entire process. As it has been instilled in our mind since our existence that how committed one needs to be while getting ganeshji at home. A small mistake will have repulsive effect at home and life. So was in 2 minds. Even discussed with quite a few. But could sense apprehensions.  So left all on god and thought let’s see what’s in store. It was a Ganesh Chaturthi month.

And the day arrived… everywhere could hear the dhol and slogans Ganpati Bappa Morya! And to add to it, the day before I was down with monthly cycle, though it doesn’t make any women less pure to perform pooja’s( but that’s the different topic I would want to touch base sometimes) again these has been ingrained that this time of the month is not to touch god and perform pooja and stuff.  But in the morning I got up and I see, after a long time the huge Hibuscus flower merrily bloomed in my terrace as if to welcome her very own Ganeshji. That flower is considered to be very dear to Lord Ganesha .  All this determined me to atleast put the flower were it was longing to be belonged. But refrained myself as my instilled so called-  A long established custom didn’t allow me.  And then I see my 3 and a half year old daughter to do the needful. And what pure than a baby! And here I choose only to pass on the scientific and hygiene factor of those 5 days in every females life, to my daughter and be proud of the fact that we can bear a life within us  And celebrate womanhood rather than fall a prey to all this!

And the dream still lingering over as days passed by. And here i was all clean, clean being an Irony here!! The 6th day of ganpati, a day before a friend told about making ganesh idol from Turmeric! And that was it! I got a new packet of powdered turmeric and using water made my own little Ganesha . By using moongdaal as eyes and few decorative beads as crown and ornaments. What pure than Turmeric!  I was so happy did whatever I knew of offering Prasad and aarti  at home. It was such a blissful feeling!

And next day after the morning aarti was time to do the visarjan. And the visarjan was very clear in my mind… Poured water on the turmeric idol which dissolved easily in water and then poured the turmeric water onto the tulsi plant in the terrace. What pure than Tulsi! This was my very tiny contribution in making of my eco-friendly ganesha and towards environment.
Was so glad  could do justice to my dream and heart in heart I too wanted it to happen, maybe so I could! It doesn’t mean every dream I take so seriously but this one just couldn’t let go off…

What I learnt out of this episode and the purpose of sharing this write- up is…

"Anything done with Pure Heart has Gods Blessing in it" (my husband always says this and I cant agree more)   Lets make our faith our strength and remember let the Faith always be assertive in nature!

Let Lord Ganesha bestow blessings on all beings around the world, And make this place a better place to live in!

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