My Goal for my Son !!
|   Jan 13, 2017
My Goal for my Son !!

I still can see myself when nurse getting me ready for a planned c-section operation as my very active baby inside has put my cord around his neck Twice…. I remember my Radiologist showing my baby with cord around his neck twice in my scan and I was scared even to move a bit after that.

So after three hours of tedious operation procedure and formalities, they finally handed over to me, Love of my life – My Son !!  Vedant Vaibhav…

I remember murmuring his name in his ears on the naming ceremony… and whispered his name so many times to myself to practice how I am going to call him at different stages of his life….

Vedant, Ved, Vaibhu, Vaibhav…… sounds sweet as honey to my ears

Little know the fact that I might have to yell and scream out this name after good two years of time..…




Yes, my sweet little boy is now a hyperactive toddler…..who decides the mood of the house, who can make his mom laugh till her jaw bones hurt even after terrible day at work.

Our typical Day at home goes like… Daddy mommy busily running around the house getting ready for another day at work and preparing breakfast, lunch, snacks to carry. Till then my baby boy would be in deep sleep on his bed in different positions each time I walk in to watch over him…finally wakes up and comes to mommy and ask for mobile as if he has few urgent calls to make … all he does is to start his day watching rhymes on YouTube..

Daddy pulls him for a daily routine and after one hour, the baby boy is finally ready for another day at school cum day care. 

After he is born, my Google search history says so much about how any working mom’s brains thinks?

To start with

  • Best preschool in town
  • What is Montessori learning method? (I had no idea what was that by then!!)
  • Is that okay if my 10 month old son’s poop is little dark green in color (I was surprised by the long list of Google suggestions on this one !! seriously )
  • What are the best methods of engaging toddlers at home?
  • Stay at home Vs Working mom -  (On one of those “Guilty mother” days )
  • How to handle terrible twos
  • How to stop my toddler hitting other kids?
  • Can two year old start learning karate -   (Over ambitious mom, huh?)
  • How to make my toddler eat Curd?
  • Ideal weight of 28 month old boy in India
  • How to reduce my toddlers screen time?
  • Am I a good mom? (Another guilty mother day!!)


This list is straight from my Google search history, I know many of us can relate to many of them.

Sometimes my toddler just make me feel I can write a book on Parenting skills, the other time makes me feel like the dumbest mom on earth..

Come what may my husband and myself promised to rise and fall together but make sure our little baby boy - a happy soul. He doesn’t have to be successful in everything he does but he should know how to be kind to others….to Love and be loved. This is our goal for him.



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