Shades of beauty
|   Apr 21, 2017
Shades of beauty

All this latest buzz on social media requesting celebrities not to endorse "fairness" creams reminds me of an incident from my teens.

It is true that knowingly or unknowingly we connect the physical features of a person to their skill sets, which hurts one's feelings and lowers their confidence at times. So, here what happened with me;

I was always a studious girl who makes her parents proud. I used to enjoy those parent teacher meetings where my teachers were all in to praises, my mom with those gleaming eyes and my father with that pleased smile, I cherish those memories.

Now, this happened when I was in +1 class, I joined in one of the top most colleges in the nearest city from my home town. One day few men holding cameras entered our classroom and we were told that they came to shoot stills for our college magazine and brochures. I was excited to hear that. They came to our class and selected few girls who are tall, beautiful and photogenic. 

By the way, did I mention that I am short with dusky complexion!! Yes, I am and I clearly don't have those attractive features required for a college magazine shoot.

However, we were all allowed to watch the shoot and it was ecstatic to see those girls posing for cameras, they were holding books in the library and playing in our college basketball court. I envy!!

I was so hurt but then I do not want to share my feelings to anyone. After few days, I decided to bring this up to my mom. Our conversation went like this;

Me: Amma, why I look so dusky?

My Mom: Because, I am dusky too. I am happy that you look like me. Are you not happy about it?

Me: No, I am happy but I think I should do something to improve my complexion. Can you help me with that? Can you please check with Pallavi’ s mom, what she does for her? Pallavi has a great complexion.

My Mom: (understood that something's wrong) Sure, I will check with her. Btw, is there anything that you want to talk to me about?

Me: Yes, but I don’t want you to share that with anyone not to Valli specially (my younger sister)

My Mom: Okay :)

I told her about the selections for shoot and how desperately I wanted my picture on that cover page of the magazine next year.

My mom: Okay, I got that, but I have an idea for that.

Me: Please share, I want to see my face on that damn magazine next year at any cost.

My Mom: Why don't you put little more efforts and study hard and get a good rank this year. If you get a good rank, your college will publish results on front page. They have no other option left than having your stills on the cover page, no matter how dusky and short you are!! What say?

Me: I was very happy at that thought because it was easy for me to study than to get that complexion and features. I thanked my mom with a big kiss on her cheek.

Now, whenever I recollect this conversation I feel blessed. She would have told me "Don't you worry my little darling, you look beautiful" Instead she highlighted the unique talent that I possess and made me accept myself as I am which has boosted my confidence and self-respect forever.

Dear ladies, no matter what stage of life you are in right now, close your eyes and bring that big smile on your face. It feels good to accept yourself and be your own kind of ‘beautiful’!! 


Please give your feedback and share your story of being beautiful!!

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