My "Little" Treasure
|   Jul 19, 2016
My "Little" Treasure
My tiny eyes opened for the first time. The room was overcrowded! ! Little baby unable to recognise single person among some old, few young & glamorous aunties. But could easily feel the warmth of a lady who was holding her gracefully and she looked tired and sleepy.

All of a sudden the room was empty and we two were alone. Mother hugged her little baby girl and softly said"i am your mummy". She smiled with a deep breath and  kissed on baby's forehead. Then came father , admired and felt bit older when wife said congratulations dear "now we are parents ". Father hugged wife and little "treasure".

Then slowly whole family joined. Grand parents; nana , nani , dada, dadi, and more ..All adjusted well with baby's first selfie. All laughed and expressed happiness by exchanging sweets and pictures. 

Next day was very important, as baby was supposed to enter for the first time into their house. Like a newly wed bride ,new moma holded little princess in arms,  walked into the house with immense excitement as she entered as a bride. There was laughter and house seemed to announce the arrival of little angel to the whole world. Little baby slept with comfort in her sweet home. 
New moma mesmerised all the sweet changes that occurred ... At the time of marriage her looks & slim figure and now into motherhood where she has lost the shine and energy & altogether different outlook! !
Outside the room were sitting all the family members. The discussion started. ..." Baby looks like father"..another said" yeah exactly he used to sleep in same posture as the little baby is sleeping. .. Grand mother added to the conversation"like father like baby.. little angel has got your eyes and nose all same"

I was listening to all the talks and I couldn't stop my smile and with long deep breath I thought" what will happen if I show my childhood snap" Omg my baby looks like mummma!!!
But why to steal their happiness? 

I am happy with my treasure! ! 

We generally feel and see the resemblance in outlook. Along with outlook we try to figure out the similarity in behaviour. But this comparison is bad where the couples separate. 
So it's important to understand & read the tender mind of little growing kid. Instead of comparing gift her worthy lessons to give regard to elders, daily prayers, healthy diet & yoga. .. Each day speak with her & give thoughtful lessons.Young mind will mould up easily and will resemble your distant dream. 

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