Once's a darling daughter 
|   Jul 27, 2017
Once's a darling daughter 

Happiness, joy and some good tears followed as my father took me on his lap for the first time little carelessly and cutely .

As I grew my lovely and handsome dad grew to be a good father. He taught me remarkable lessons of life. 

It is important to mention dad that how you taught me to crawl and walk. I would always feel secure by your side and would be pampered at all times. I know I was your favorite child and will always remain.  I remember how you used to wait outside my tuition classes for hours and without any worry. And I would always feel confident in the examination hall with your best wishes.  And those crazy wishes that used to come across my mind all of a sudden. To eat altogether different food other than mum cooked, specially to crave for " bhandare " ka special food. All of such little but big wishes were quickly fulfilled by you. 

And how can I forget my first interview when you tried to help me with few quick question's and answers. And your presence would boost up my mind. And yes your guidance on tax saving plans and banking formalities always relieved me. 

But now as got I married, I realised and praised myself for being fathered by such a nice human being and being brought up so happily. I can't forget how confused you were at the time of my marriage and I still find you weak every time I see you. 

Once I came across a paper of yours were you noted some important dates and we all were really amused by your writing.

And now I start comparing you with my husband. But I know that every person has own traits and habits which can't be compared.  But as I grew up from your darling little girl to a married girl, I realise that I am no more a carefree person. But I am learning to be a responsible and multitasking wife. From handling job responsibilities to trying my hand on various dishes. I can say I am growing up as you always wanted me to be but I always want to remain your 'darling princess's. 

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