Beware!! Baby on board
|   Oct 20, 2016
Beware!! Baby on board

I was a happy-go-lucky, single, travel and fun loving person and took every opportunity to visit different parts of the world. It was a great experience to adapt to different cultures and do things the way locals do everywhere, truly implementing the age old saying of “when in Rome do as the Romans do”. Being of a very flexible nature I found it easy to change my ways and gel with different kinds of people and traditions, and also with their nature and temperaments.

Then came my way, marriage and my baby – my daughter. Like a liquid that takes the shape of its container, my life also kept changing itself adapting to the needs of my baby, the dependent, insecure weak yet headstrong and demanding child. These changes came so naturally that they became a part of day to day life, but now that I sat down to count them and pen them down I found it pretty amusing.

  • The queen of the (whole!!) bed now always has a toddler hands or legs sprawled over her tummy or chest all through the night.
  • Morning was, reading the newspaper with a cup of tea at my side and short conversations with other family members. Now morning is reading newspaper with a toddler sleeping on my shoulder, while I am worried she may kick the tea cup, and all family members speaking baby-language while trying to wake her up.
  • Top five TV channels now watched in our house – CN, Pogo, Disney, Nick and …
  • I used to watch any movie released on the first day, earliest possible show in the theatre. Now trips to the movie hall is very occasional and restricted to animated, kids’ movies.
  • Papa gets to watch his “cartoon channel” (Arnab Goswami’s debate show) for an hour every night.
  • At work during lunch break with my group of friends, I find myself boasting about my kids’ latest achievements. It comes so naturally that sometimes I embarrass myself.
  • My trendy handbag has been replaced by a diaper bag with teddy bear pictures all over it, and it’s not even my bag – my daughter keeps reminding me not to forget to carry “her” bag while leaving the house!
  • When really gotta go, urgently, there is always one more toilet seat to be moved out of the way!!

When a baby is born usually doctors hold them upside down and pat them to make them start breathing. May be that's how babies get back at us adults by turning our world upside down!!

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