My baby, my world #HavingABabyChangesEverything
|   Oct 16, 2016
My baby, my world #HavingABabyChangesEverything

I saw a gorgeous superwoman with a sword held high pointing to the sky in her right hand and her cape flying gracefully. In her left hand was a soft white cotton bundle, whom she held very fondly and prudently. I heard her saying, “From now on, I shall be known as the Mother of this baby” lightning and thunder followed her announcement. Then with curved lips, I coiled into deep unconsciousness. This might have a high dose of anesthesia and other chemicals playing along with the joy of motherhood. This was me in the operation theater when the doctor showed me my baby for the first time. :)

Since then, I changed. An introvert lady started singing, dancing and making faces in public to entertain her kid. A silent girl, who never raised her voice against anyone, started taking a stand. Primary reason for the changes was that I didn’t want my daughter to see a weak, compromising and silent me. I wanted my daughter to see the superwoman I saw when I gave birth to her. A superwoman who will protect her kid at all costs. I wanted to make this world a beautiful and happy place for her. In this quest, I realized that I am the first person who needs to be happy and beautiful beyond looks because in her initial years I am her world.

This brought a lot of positive and constructive attitude change in me. I started accepting and respecting people with all their virtues and vices. I asked for forgiveness from my old acquaintances for my mistakes, which turned them into my new friends. I started having a healthy and happy relationship in my family and orbit outside of the family. I learned to synthesize happiness. With a vision to teach her unbiased approach towards life, I became a scholar and started reading many books. 

Nothing shakes me to the core, now, I bounce back quickly from any setbacks. For instance, I had a break up with my dearest friend and I survived that well which otherwise would have devastated me. What surprises me, even more, is an utterly transformed me. Even after having the break off with her, if magically I could time travel to the past, I want all the events to repeat themselves without any change. The same friend, same relationship, same events and same breakup. This heart-breaking incident became such a powerful learning experience and my daughter deserves the credit for this attitude change in me.

My daughter is my inspiration, motivation, and guide. Recently, my six years young entrepreneur opened a library and spread the news in her friend circle and invited them. For whatsoever reasons kids could not come up. After waiting patiently for a week she said “Meine library EXTRA me khol lee”, we adults find this sentence pretty funny. We would generally frame the sentence “Meine library BEKAR hi khol lee”. The two sentences show how slowly we start to derive our self-worth from others’ response towards us. For kids, if others don’t react in expected way they don’t label themselves or their endeavor as ‘bekar’. There is a huge difference in something labeled as Extra and something labeled as Bekar. I wouldn’t find such a pure, positive, adorable, inspiring and so human mentor anywhere else. She is helping me to know and understand a human in full glory. She is helping me to get back whatever I have lost in my journey from a child to an adult.

I am thankful that Mother Nature chose me to be a mother and be able to see an entirely a new spectrum of human growth possibilities. I would endorse that having a baby changes your world and in a certain sense, the baby becomes your world. I promise myself to protect my daughter from losing her innocence, humanity and her self-worth- the pledge of a superwoman. Motherhood is an awesome, creative, mechanical, exhausting, exhilarating and hilarious journey.  Thank you my daughter and Mother Nature for choosing me to upgrade. :)

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