MY KIDS are my life
|   May 15, 2015
MY KIDS are my life

When I heard that there is a contest for mothers, I was just elated to participate and started to recall all the chaos and joy of my motherhood.


Everyday is mother’s day for me as I am a homemaker and my life revolves around my two kids.  To start with, daughters are so special They are the bits of stardust blown from the hands of god. We all make so many sacrifices and compromises to raise them. Yet, daughter’s love is immeasurable.

I quit the job to be around my daughter as I was not able to concentrate during work.

I used to think whether she is safe or is she had her food. Many questions were rising. I finally decided to quit and to become full time mother as my soul was at home. When my first child born, we named her “Srishti”, means creation. And when the second child born, we named her  “Samridhi”, means progress. When I was expecting second one, little did I know that I am going to deliver a baby girl. We expected a boy but my elder daughter was so happy as she loved to play with girls.

The moment she born we did not think what baby was born instead the first concern was baby should be healthy and fit.

As she opened her little eyes, I felt tears in my eyes and the little eyes were sparkling like stars. We were so happy for the new member in our family.

My daughter is indeed very special.  She is ahead of her age, that is the compliment got from her teacher. Her ears are like Elephant so people says she is very sharp in grasping things. I don’t know what she becomes when she grows up but I am sure she would achieve something in her life and does well.

I am proud to be her mother.  #Everyday is Mother’s Day.


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