On this World environment day, let's take a pledge
|   Jun 05, 2015
On this World environment day, let's take a pledge

 SWACHH BHARATH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    How much we are responsible to teach our kids about swachh Bharath? .Don’t we have to teach the importance of cleanliness. When Prime Minister Narendra modi started the campaign swachh Bharath, two days we talked about that and then we forgot. Are we really heading towards cleaning? Cleaning means solely it does not have to be elder’s duty. It is our responsibility to make children to know about what is cleanliness.


First and foremost what is cleanliness?

It is as we think dumping all the waste which generates from our homes to the dustbins .It doesn’t end up there itself. It starts from each home when every mother learns to segregate waste in their homes. If we will not realize the hazardous effects we are causing to the environment, it will be very difficult for our future generations to live in this world. If India has to improve in every aspect, why not if it starts from cleaning, means managing the waste cleverly.segregating means separating the waste in to dry and wet waste, wet waste is fruits and vegetable peelings that is biodegradable .and dry waste is plastics which is non biodegradable. later it is subjected to recycling. As plastic is causing hazardous effects to our environment, we have to use cloth bags and paper bags. I would like to take a pledge to segregate the waste in to dry and wet waste as plastics are causing enormous destruction to our planet.

Our country may have developed in many fields but if it fails to develop in its infrastructure and cleanliness. It is futile to show our nation as developed.


So mother’s let’s start the act of cleanliness from each home , and spread the awareness about how to save our environment on this world environment day.

Let’s make the world a better place to live in.                                                                                                                           SWACHH BHARATH

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