A NO Means a NO but What About The YES?
|   Sep 22, 2016
A NO Means a NO but What About The YES?

After a very long time, a movie has been able to raise some social issues and that too in the right sense. The movie PINK has stirred the mindset of the people and showed a mirror to the society. The film has successfully taken up a bold issue and portrayed it aptly.

I agree very well with the issues depicted in the film and especially the part which has gathered up strong emotions of ‘NO means NO’. everybody is rightly appreciating this aspect and supporting the issue that when a girl says NO it means NO and a man has to stop his advancements. But what about the YES?

As a mother of two girls I was pretty much disturbed to watch that part of the film where the lawyer questions the girl about when did she lose her virginity to which the girl replied “at the age of 19” but it was mutual consent and after that she was physically involved twice or thrice.

A teenage girl having physical relationship with “mutual consent”! Can we accept this as parents?

Yes, I do believe in Women Empowerment and equal rights for women as that for men. I also agree that we need to become more liberal and allow our girls to have a lifestyle of their choice. The “code of conduct” should be as much applicable to boys as to girls.

 What about “SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE”? Can a girl meet the eyes of her husband just after marriage and tell him that she is not a virgin? Or for that matter can she accept a man who was physically involved with some other woman previously?

What will this mutual consent eventually lead them too? If such a kind of thing becomes a fashion in the name of “modern thinking” and “equality” what will happen? Are we bold enough to accept when our girls come and tell us about their one-night stand?

Men can easily run away and hide the truth about physical involvement. Girls, on the other hand, have to face a lot of other repercussions and consequences not social but emotional and physical. It’s not men but women who gets pregnant and has to undergo abortion and child birth and other such issues.

Will they be strong enough to stand for themselves when they get pregnant outside marriage? If yes, what will happen to that child?

The man never gets emotionally involved, it is the woman wo gets emotionally involved with the man and her baby. It does not make them emotionally weak. It is just about their emotions which are a part of them.

The film says that the boys should be taught. I am of the opinion that both the boys and the girls should be educated and made sensible in this regard.

Some set of moral and ethical values are needed to sustain the culture and society. If the relationship breaks due to this kind of physical involvement what will happen?

The girls must think twice before going in for this kind of relationships. Are they ready to face all the consequences? It’s not about the taboos of the society or “log kya kahenge” (what will people say)? It’s about they themselves! It’s about the consequences that it will lead them too.

The film has rightly taken up the issue and it is for us to think about its various aspects. It is for us to decide that whether such kind of lifestyle is appropriate for our girls. The young generation needs to be taught about the true meaning of relationships. Relationships are not for having fun but about sharing responsibilities and standing with each other during hardships.

NO means No but think twice before saying YES for it will come with many pros and cons. Are the boys and girls bold to ask each other about “virginity”? Are they bold enough to accept their life partners after getting to know that either of them has had a physical relationship with someone else?

In the film the girl hesitatingly says, “yes, she is not a virgin” and cries which means she herself feels guilty about it. If saying “yes” comes with guilt, then why to say “yes” and go ahead with it?

In the end, all the girls admit that it was their mistake to have gone for that party. So, shall we as a parent or as women ourselves go in for such a kind of lifestyle?

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