A Story of Trust and Betrayal
|   Dec 01, 2016
A Story of Trust and Betrayal

Shweta married Vineet after a relationship of 8yrs. They resided in the same locality and married after the consent of their parents. Vineet was in his father's business. Rich, handsome, educated, he had everything that would make girls go crazy after him. Shweta considered herself very lucky as Vineet loved her very much. She had everything she could dream of. A loving husband, very caring and supportive in laws. She was loaded with diamonds and beautiful dresses.

After a couple of years, Vineet started facing heavy losses in his business. In order to meet the financial crisis, Shweta opened a boutique in her house. Her in laws were very supportive and she started doing well pretty soon. She was very hard working in her boutique and equally devoted towards her family.

The losses forced Vineet to shut his business. It came as a big jolt to them. He started giving in to alcohol. Shweta stayed strong. She encouraged him to join her boutique. They had two daughters. Things started sailing smooth for some time.

Shweta’s boutique was generating good response from her customers.

Then came another blow. She came to know about her assistant, Anita’s pregnancy. It was then that she came to face the hardest truth of her life: Vineet and Anita were having a relationship and the baby belonged to Vineet.

Shweta’s world came to a standstill. She could not believe it. She trusted Vineet more than herself. He was the love of her life, the centre of her universe.

He was the father of her two beautiful daughters. To think of him having a relationship with her co worker… How could he do that to her? What about their daughters? What would she do now? It was too much for her to bear. She could tolerate anything but not this betrayal. She stood with him during all the ups and downs of their life but would not accept this.

The truth came to be known by Vineet’s parents too who were equally heartbroken.

They stood with Shweta and supported her. Vineet was made to leave his house. He went to live with Anita. Her in laws changed their residence and Shweta continued to live with them. She opened a boutique at their new residence and started gathering the fragments of her broken life.

Vineet and Anita continued with the same boutique.

Vineet would sometime come to meet his parents and daughters. Shweta did not forgive him but she did not stop him from meeting his parents and daughters. After all he was their son and her daughters’ father. For her, their relationship was dead.

Vineet and Anita’s boutique started facing losses and was soon shut down. They faced mutual disagreements too. Vineet left her and started living alone. He had no one with him now. He was realising his mistake but it was too late now.

Shweta, on the other hand, was still dedicated to her in laws and boutique. She was thankful to them for standing by her side. Who could have seen such parents, who would stand by their daughter in law instead of their son? Her family stayed strong with her. Her daughters were her pillars of strength.

She was able to support herself and her daughters.

Vineet continued to visit them. He was regretting now. He had lost everything and had nowhere to go. He wanted Shweta to forgive him and accept him.

Could she ever do that? Could she ever accept him?

A woman can tolerate anything but not accept if her husband has a physical relationship with anyone else.

Love, trust and honesty still hold prime importance in any relationship. In a marriage, these are the foundations of the relationship.

Shweta could easily divorce him but for her in laws who were more than her parents now, Vineet was their only son. Her in laws would support her in any of her decision but would that be just with them? He was the father of their daughters, would it be just for them? Their relationship was over now but what about his relation with his parents and her daughters?

For their sake, she let him come back. She allowed him to come back to their house but told him to stay out of her life. She allowed to him to be the son and the father but refused to accept him in her life as her husband.

This story is based on the true story of one of my acquaintances. Sometimes, life brings great dilemmas in front of us. For many of us, Shweta’s decision would wrong and for many of us, her decision would be right. But life and relationships are such which cannot be judged for we can never truly imagine the dilemmas and miseries of those who are actually facing it.

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