A Tribute To The Real Hero
|   Sep 09, 2016
A Tribute To The Real Hero

Every now and then, we hear news about hit and run cases on roads, where nobody bothers about the victim. Many a times we have heard, when somebody unfortunately meets an accident on the road, instead of helping that person in some way, people would snatch his valuables and run away. Due to various reasons, we stop ourselves from helping an unknown person. 

It makes me think, that whether the stories of ‘the good Samaritans’ really hold true? What would I do if I witness some such situation? Will I have the courage to actually reach out that person and help him in some way? 

Recently, I read the news about the heroic death of our national footballer Bablu Martin. When the entire nation was celebrating the triumph of our great sports stars in Rio Olympics, another sportsman displayed a heroic act in Madhya Pradesh.

 Bablu noticed a 12 year old girl stuck inside a collapsing three storey building. Knowing that the building is about to collapse, he did not think of his own life but ran to rescue the girl and her brother. Inspite of the walls of the house falling on him, he did not give up. He saved the two children even  when he himself came under the falling building. His eyes were open, although his entire body below the neck was completely under the debris. He could see the people running towards him to save him as also his own death coming to take him away. 

The news of Bablu Martin’s heroic death proved us that ‘good Samaritans’ do exist. Our society still has humanity living somewhere. There are people who actually don't bother about their lives and would save another soul from dying. 

On the one hand, there are criminals who commit crimes and murder others in the most brutal ways. On the other hand, there are people like Babloo Martin, who courageously embrace death in order to save others. While listening news about the former cases, I often doubt whether humanity exists or not? Everywhere it's just rapes, murders, road rage accidents and crimes of every sorts taking place. But when I heard the story of this great hero, I could get some peace in my heart. 

Yes, there is hope. Somewhere, like a tiny flickering ray of light in a wick of a small earthen lamp amidst darkness, humanity exists. If there are rapists who would, leave no opportunity of raping a twelve year old girl and would easily murder her; there are people like Bablu Martin, who would run to save her from dying. 

If I had come across this story by some other means, I would have denied it by saying, it cannot happen in today's world. It's just a fictional story but to hear it in news and by watching the videos and pictures, I had to pinch myself and tell that good people do exist. 

I cannot say that had I been in his place, I would have done the same, but had I been on the girl’s place I would definitely have prayed to God to send someone to save me. 

This is the lesson I have learnt from the society. We think twice before helping others, but pray hard to send someone to save us. 

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