Celebrating everyday as a Mother's Day along with the fathers too
|   May 07, 2016
Celebrating everyday as a Mother's Day along with the fathers too

"Daughters are a mother's best friends." I always tell my elder one. My daughters are my best food critic and my best play pals. My elder one never fails to give a Mother's Day gift to me everyday. A little handmade card, a small letter, an origami object or some other art and craft object always written with " I love you, mom. " 

These little attempts of my daughter to make me happy have transformed me a lot. The young, ambitious , fiery me s trying to mellow down into a more patient and a better human being. I take it as my responsibility to make everyday a " Happy Mother's Day" for them. 

Everyday is not only a Mother's Day but a Father's Day too in our house. Everyday our daughters leave no opportunity to bring a smile on their daddy's face and make him proud of them.

Every evening just as the bell rings upon daddy dear's arrival, the little buttercups rush towards the door to greet their father with their giggles and smiles. Their hugs and laughter makes daddy's dimple shine. The elder one is always eager to show him the stars in her notebooks and the younger one tries to grab his attention by reciting the new rhyme learnt by her. 
For the kids, it's their mother and father both who make their world complete. Their days are never divided into a Mother's Day or a Father's Day. Their day gets completed when they receive their mother's as well as their father's love. So, everyday should be celebrated as both Father's and Mother's Day.

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