From ‘Bimbo’ to a Bomb: 3 Things to be learnt From our ‘Desi Girl’
|   Feb 27, 2017
From ‘Bimbo’ to a Bomb: 3 Things to be learnt From our ‘Desi Girl’

While going through the morning newspapers, I recently came across an article on the success story of Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra has definitely something about her. Nobody could have guessed where she would be today at the time she won her Miss World crown in 2000. At that time, she was termed as ‘bimbo’ when she was asked the question, “who do you consider to be the most successful woman living today and why?” To which her reply was, “Mother Teresa.” ( Mother Teresa had died three years before.)

Today, she is a well known global personality and her achievements go way beyond than being just a former Miss World and a Bollywood celebrity.

We always think that these celebrities are ‘lucky’ or they are born with a silver spoon but it is not always so. Priyanka Chopra is not where she is today just because of her luck for she doesn't believe in luck. She is not ambitious but is ‘driven’ as she herself says. So, what's her success mantra? There are three things which she believes in:

1. Merit:

She believes in ‘merit’. True. We always get to achieve something when we are worthy of it. We get into a good institution only because of our merit. We get a good job only when our merit.

2. Talent:

Like ‘merit’, she believes in talent. Talents cannot be hidden. They help you to rise and shine. A talented person cannot stay away from glory for long. She definitely has loads of it.

3. Hard Work :

One creates one’s way to success with hard work only. We aim of something but unless we work hard to achieve it and till the end of it, we cannot succeed. In her own words, “I work very hard at that and towards that”, she defines this mantra of success.

Our children love to imitate what they watch on the screen. They get easily fascinated by the film stars. They try to copy their dance moves, their way of dressing and everything else. The glamorous life style of these celebrities is so attractive that we often fail to see what goes behind that. We mistakenly think that their life is very easy. But it is not. They get to be where they are with a lot of hard work and dedication. So, the next time our kids try to imitate their dance moves and want to be like them, we must tell them that the life onscreen is not easy and simple. In order to succeed in life, they need to work upon their talents, prove their merits and work hard till the end of their aims and goals.

This ‘desi girl’ is not a ‘bimbo’ for sure, cause bimbos cannot be where she is now. Now, when one reads her conversations, she surely rules them. Her journey from a beauty queen to an international name is certainly an iconic one. So true when she says, “if you work hard and smart, there’s a lot you can do.”


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