How I Changed After My Baby
|   Oct 13, 2016
How I Changed After My Baby

How I changed after my baby is not so simple to chalk down. I remember lying on the bed in the recovery room, full of patients and guests and suddenly I heard a nurse calling my name and asking me to feed my baby. Not knowing what to do and how to do, that too in a room full of people. My mother advised me to take a side and feed her. I was confused and suddenly my baby started crying, my mind was immediately turned away from those people to my crying baby and the only thing I knew was that I had to feed her. That was the beginning of a series of changes in me.

Forgetting the pains of delivery, the tiredness and all those feelings of shame, the only thing that mattered to me was to feed my tiny baby. I remember how I never had the bearing power to take injections, the smallest stomach aches would make me cry, shout and scream. I would make such a fuss about changing clothes even in ladies’ toilet but now where did such strength to go through a normal delivery came and feeling no shame at all while feeding the baby in front of so many people in the recovery room came from.

Before my baby, I would take hours to take a bath and get ready. Hair pinned up to perfection, change of hairstyle every now and then, spending hours in a salon and those window shopping spree , not forgetting the long chit chats with friends over the phone. Now, my hair are always tied in a bun, I do not even sit down to eat my food properly cause every time I sit down with my food, my baby either poops or pees and attending to her cries is of utmost importance.

During college days, I had a very lazy and laid back attitude. The dreamer in me would always be busy dreaming about something or the other. I was never bothered about finishing up a task or doing any household chores. Being a mother, I have become an expert in multitasking. My mind is always busy in scheduling and chalking down the chores of the day. The chores that I have finished, the chores I have to do now and the chores I will be doing an hour later.

It seems like my mind works like an alarm clock and a stopwatch combined together. I work with the speed of a bullet, the window shopping have become “shopping sprint of some races”. All the work has to be done before the baby gets up. Now even my mother gets surprised to see me working so fast.

The long chit chats with friends have changed to talking at 1000 words per minute call with only my mother.

The entire thought process revolves around the baby. Her bath time, her nap time, her health checkups, growth and milestones, diet and activities, everything about her keeps me physically and mentally busy.

Another thing that has changed immensely is that I used to sleep for hours. My mother used to wake me up and remind me for going to college. Now, even a small noise or my baby’s movements wakes me up. Rather, I think I don't sleep at all. Even at night, I wake up just to see my baby sleeping comfortably.

How the whole life changes automatically one doesn't know. The baby does not give time to think about what's happening around.

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