How I Changed the Food Habits of My Fussy Eater
|   Jul 07, 2016
How I Changed the Food Habits of My Fussy Eater

My elder daughter was a real fussy eater. She would not eat anything whatever it may be. No fruits, no vegetables, no pulses, no milk shakes or smoothies she liked. She would also fall sick every now and then. She would not gain weight easily and was very thin.
After searching a lot on the net and asking friends and relatives, I tried a lot of recipes. Then I noticed that she was very much attracted with food having different shapes. The routine round roti was boring for her, the square shape of the bread did not appeal to her. They were a few of the many excuses that she gave.
There were a few things that I did which worked wonders with her.
She did not eat any vegetables so I started making different vegetable parathas like:
1.    Beetroot paratha
2.    Spinach paratha
3.    Aloo gobhi paratha
4.    Dal paratha
5.    Khichdi paratha
6.    Carrot paratha

This broke the monotony of the simple roti in terms of colour and taste. But she would still make face to see its “circle shape”. “I don’t like to eat circle shapes roti”. Then, I tried to make it in square shape and triangle shape. It worked well for a few days but again she got bored and refused to eat it. I knew that she was simply excusing herself from eating food.
Then, I bought cookie cutters and served her vegetable parathas in a variety of shapes.
 Bull’s eye!
She could not resist herself from eating those “yummy cookie paratha” as she called them.
Then, I started making dosas from homemade batter of various pulses and whole wheat like:
1.    Whole Wheat Dosa
2.    Mixed Pulses Dosa
3.    Arhar Dal Dosa
4.    Masoor Dal Dosa

She started liking them too. Gradually, I started giving her some interesting desserts. She would then finish her food as she wanted to eat those special delights which she called “yummy mummy delights”. Thus, with a lot of creative ideas, attempts and trials put together my fussy eater has started eating a lot of things now.   

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