Mom, if only I could ever do without you
|   May 13, 2016
Mom, if only I could ever do without you

A day is not enough to celebrate my mother as she has not given me a day but her entire life, her youth, her dreams, her smiles, her laughter, her immense support and unconditional love. A day is not enough to celebrate the woman who has stood with me through every tide and tornado of my life. My pains were not mine but her own, the fears of my life terrified her more than me. I slept through the night only because she was awake for me.

Not a day has passed when she does not think about me, not a night has passed when she does not pray for me. No sunlight can pass through the shade provided by her, no thunder can break the shield provided by her. How can I just give her one day of celebration while she has celebrated every moment of my life?

She stood with me not only through the thick and thins of my life but taught me to stand strongly against them on my own. My strength comes from her strengths, my ability to discern is derived from her wisdom, my weaknesses could become my strengths because of her.

If only there was a day when I could give the happiness she deserves, if only I could give her a peacefully slept night, if only I could give her a gift worthy of the bounties given by her, I would celebrate that day as the Mother’s Day that she deserves.

I loved her always but learnt her value only after I got married and had children. I missed her presence each morning when I had to wake up early with innumerable chores set aside for me. I learnt her value when I had to wake up all night tending my sick children. I missed her all the more when I fell sick and nobody was there to even ask me how I was but only asked what was there to eat.

I realised her deep profound love for me when she stood with me and felt the same pain whenever I failed and felt low. I realised there could never ever be anybody who would love me as I am in the whole world whenever I was criticised for little salt in the dish that I cooked most carefully.

The light shone by her have lit the dark paths of my life. She is like a shadow who does not leave me even in the dark. She is not a perfect woman but an epitome of perfection. She has performed every role of her life with a brilliance. Her intelligence surpasses all, her kindness outshines everybody. From being a daughter to a mother I could only take this life’s journey due to her angelic presence.

For surely I would say that every day is a Mother’s Day in every sense of the word, for not even a day has ever passed without my mother’s love and care. The way my mother has nurtured me and taught me to become who I am, no one could ever be like her and no one will ever be. I dedicate every day of my life as Mother’s Day for the mother who is an image of God himself.

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