Mosquito Scare, We Don’t Care
|   Aug 13, 2017
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Mosquito Scare, We Don’t Care

The beautiful rains are here again. The pitter-patter raindrops look like children bustling out of school when it gets over. Monsoons also bring with it the menace of mosquitoes and the scare of mosquito borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria and Japanese Encephalitis. We get all the more scared for our children. It is difficult to keep them indoors all the time and the thought of mosquitoes biting our little ones is too scary to let them play outside for long. We can keep the environment of our house relatively safer from mosquitoes by putting on coils and liquid vaporiser plug-ins but what about outside?

Recently, I was going through some articles and was reading about the best ways to keep ourselves safe from mosquitoes. I was shocked to know that liquid mosquito repellent plugins contain 97-99% of kerosene and 1% of Transfluthrin which is a very fatal insecticide. Kerosene is added with Transfluthrin as an evaporating agent and as a solvent. In an attempt to make our home environment safe, we are rather making it more harmful.

Another most commonly used alternative is coil. I read in an article that “burning of one coil would release the same amount of particulate matter (pm) of 2.5 mass as burning of 75-135 cigarettes”. The smoke of coils pollutes the air. The side effects of being exposed to the smoke of coils are headaches, coughs, sore throats and long term exposure even leads to allergies and asthma.

After reading about them, I was determined to not let my family be exposed to these hazards. It is best not to use coils, mats or plugin mosquito repellents. So, what should I use then?

I read some more and came across an article by The Journal of Medical Research. The article mentions that complete (100%) protection was achieved by Advanced Odomos Cream. In a study that they conducted, “no adverse reactions such as itching, irritation, vomiting, nausea, etc. were reported by the volunteers”. Odomos mosquito repellents have natural ingredients like Citronella and Aloe Vera. It gives all day long protection from mosquitoes in and out of home. It protects by masking the distinctive odour of human skin and making a person virtually invisible to mosquitoes. It does not have any deadly chemicals.

Apart from personal protection by applying mosquito repellent creams, there are other ways too to keep our kids safe from mosquito menace.

  1. We should keep our kids fully covered by making them wear full sleeves tops and full length pants. Dark colours and floral prints attract mosquitoes so we should wear light coloured clothes.

  2. The mosquito repellent creams should not have too much chemicals. Try using a natural mosquito repellent cream.

  3. Nets and screens do not have any side effects. A big net over the bed is the best. Mosquito screens on window also help in keeping mosquitoes out of our houses.

  4. Try to use mosquito repelling fragrances and scents like the scents of lemongrass, citronella, cedar, neem, lavender, eucalyptus and soybean which can help repel mosquitoes and insects.

  5. Clear mosquito breeding ground. The easiest and the most effective way of preventing mosquito breeding is to ensure that there is no water stagnation in the surrounding areas.

Since I cannot control the outside environment, I have started using Odomos Creams and prefer full sleeves and full length covering pants for my kids. I find Odomos creams and lotions very handy as they can be easily kept in the bag while going out. They are natural and have no side effects. I’m doing my best to protect my family, are you doing your best?

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