My Two Besties in My Diapering Journey: My Husband and Pampers
|   Nov 27, 2016
My Two Besties in My Diapering Journey: My Husband and Pampers

Recently, MyCITY4Kids invited us at a blogger’s meet for the Pampers #ItTakes2 campaign. My husband was also invited for the event since Pampers believe that father’s involvement is very important in a baby’s all round development. Both of us were very excited for the event as the campaign really suits us. My husband has always been very actively involved with our kids right from day one.

At Hotel Lemon Tree, Aerocity, Gurgaon, we were welcomed by a very warm team of MyCity4Kids and very friendly representatives of the brand. The event was opened by the representatives showing us videos related to Pampers and some very valuable results of survey conducted by Neilson in association with Pampers showing how It Takes 2 to raise a Happy Healthy Baby. The results of the survey show that most doctors believe that both the parents must be involved for a baby’s development to which we completely agree.

It Takes 2

After the survey results, we all know that children with more involved fathers are more emotionally stronger, secured, confident and have better social connections when they grow older. They have better educational outcomes. Father’s involvement plays an important role in the cognitive, behavioural and general health and wellbeing areas of a child’s life. The more time dads spend with their little ones, the more they start understanding their babies’ needs which then leads to a stronger attachment between them.

It is often seen that new dads are apprehensive about handling a new born. It is not that they don’t want to actively participate but they don’t know how to do so. Gradually, when they learn, they not only begin to enjoy but start having great fun with the babies.

The Panel

The event saw the graceful presence of experts like Dr Shelja Sen- Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, Shushant Kalra, Founder director of Parwarish Institute of Parenting and a dad. The moderator of the discussion was Parul Ohri, Editor MyCity4Kids and also a guest blogger Samridhi to share her personal experiences.

Giving some insights on the role of fathers, Dr Sen told about the “three unhealthy patterns in dads”:

  1. Attitude: There is a certain attitude in some fathers which says that “this is not my job”. They consider that taking care of babies is a mother’s job and not theirs.
  2. Micro-managing dads: There are some dads who keep criticising and nagging mothers for everything that they do as wrong. They keep picking out and pointing on the mistakes.
  3. Fun dads: These are those dads who have fun with their children. Children enjoy more and love to be with these types of dads.

She also added that there are no right or wrong ways but one has to see what goes with the family.

 Shushant Kalra’s advice for new dads was that “parenting is an acquired skill. The way new mothers can acquire it, likewise dads can acquire it too.” They just have to come out of their own resistance. He also highlighted how there are certain things we find as limitations for ourselves. To overcome them, he said that we need to “break the barriers. Once we are able to break the barriers, our children will learn that too.” He also added that “it’s your baby, so where is the question”. The minute you find an opportunity just “jump in”. There should be no question as to how to do so. Once fathers decide to be more hands on, they will learn.


Pampers Pants

 Though dads enjoy and can do almost everything with the baby, it is often seen that when it comes to diapering, they often step back. It is especially so with the cloth nappies which are usually dirty, messy and inconvenient. Dads often find it difficult to manage the baby and tie the knots of the nappy. Pampers had made diapering easier and convenient even for new dads too. It is no more a messy, inconvenient or knotty affair. Pampers Pants are even more easy for dads to handle and for the baby to wear. Now, there is no fear of baby kicks while putting the diaper tapes on. This convenience brings in more participation from fathers even in diapering now.

Personally, in our case too, my husband finds it so easy to change Pampers Pants now that I don’t even need to ask him to do so. Whenever, he notices a need for diaper change, he “just jumps in”.

 Pampers Premium Pants

 Pampers Pants are really helpful especially during the toilet training of toddlers. My toddler is learning to get toilet trained and during this time Pampers Pants especially the new Pampers Premium Pants have benefitted me a lot. It is very easy when making the baby sit on the potty chair and as convenient as cloth pants.

Toddlers don’t get irritated even when they have to wear them for long hours in summers because it allows the skin to breathe, keeps it dry and soft. In winters, it saves them from catching cold and moms from changing nappies and panties every now and then. It is not even a pinch on the pockets anymore because it doesn’t need to be changed after 3-4 hours. It gives complete 12-hour protection which means only two diapers a day. So, no more those dustbins full of stinking diapers or bucket full of dirty nappies and cloth pants.

 To conclude, I can happily say that the two besties in my diapering journey are: my husband and Pampers.



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