Oh! I have a confession to make!
|   May 21, 2016
Oh! I have a confession to make!

Every evening as I take my children to the park, I catch up with my friends too. Our discussions usually revolve around our kids who are in the same age group. Sometimes while waiting at the bus stop we share our thoughts and confess about our parenting mistakes. 

I am sharing with you some of the confessions that my friends made as being a parent.

1) As we were sitting in the park, Varsha joined us looking tired and upset. I asked her, “ What happened, Varsha, you look tensed? She said, “ You know, Rhea was not studying today. She was just dancing in front of the television. I told her  repeatedly to sit down and do her home work but she was not listening. I slapped her thrice and then started beating her with a stick. After that I felt so bad that I simply walked out and came here.”I was shocked. I told my husband in the evening about the incident. His reaction was also the same as mine. “Is she her real mother or not? How can anyone simply raise their hands on the kids? I would never do it even on my enemies’ children. Is she frustrated due to something?”said my husband.

2) Monica, who is expecting her second baby was sharing an incident in the park which made all of us laugh. As she is in her third trimester, suddenly one evening she was feeling very low . Her 2 year old son, Dhruv , was eating his evening snack. Monica felt sudden strong cravings. She sat down with Dhruv and ate away his entire snacks. He started crying and ran towards the fridge for the chocolates his grandmother had brought for him, only to find that they too had been gobbled up by his mother. Monica could not control her laughter but felt ashamed as well while narrating the incident.

3) Anjali, who often joins me during my morning walk, has another story to tell. Anybody who gets up early in our society must have seen her going for her walks as early as 5 am. When Kalpana asked her one morning at what time does she wake up, she told us that she gets up at 4 in the morning, does her yoga practice from 4:30 to 5:00 am and takes a walk around the society for an hour. Kalpana’s eyes opened wide,“What makes you get up so early in the morning? You are already fit.” Anjali replied, “You know the whole day goes with the kids calling out to me for something or the other. The entire day their screaming and shouting fills up my day. At times I get tired of them. It is only to get rid of them that I go out of the house so early in the morning.”

4) As we were sharing our summer vacation plans at the bus stop, Renuka told us that she will not be going anywhere this time as she was planning to get her kitchen renovated. She told us that every year her sister in laws come to stay at their house during the holidays. This year she purposely planned the renovation at this time as it will not only keep her sister in laws at bay but she will also send her own daughters to their house. This way she can get rid of her children for some time and she will have some peace in her house.

5) Reema was insisted by her mother in law to continue with her third pregnancy as they wanted a grand son after two grand daughters. So, now she considers the children as her mother in laws’ responsibility. Every now and then, she deliberately makes plans of various outings with her friends leaving the children at home. Her priority is her own career and lifestyle and not her children. She purposely looks for opportunities to be away from home as her kids do not give her a moment of peace at home.

6) I have often seen Pooja scolding her son, Pranit, at the school bus stop as soon as he comes out of his bus. Not only that, while playing, Pranit had also told my daughter that his mother often beats him for various things. One evening in a general discussion, Pooja confessed,” You know, I want to do some work and don't like to sit at home but due to my two sons and no help I can't join some job. This leads to frustration which often comes out on Pranit.

7) Ekta, a great shopaholic , is crazy about going to central markets for shopping. She often takes her two little kids along on her shopping spree even if there is no one else to go with her. Not long ago, she confessed about her negligence during one of her escapades. One day, when she had gone to one of the big central markets along with her daughter, Dia , who is three years old and her son, Daksh, who is five years old, she got so engrossed in her window shopping that she did not even realise when did Daksh fell in an open pit while Dia was still walking along with her holding her hand. She was looking at one of the sale offers of a showroom when a man called her and told her that her son had fallen in the pit. She ran towards Daksh and was scolded by the people standing there for her negligence.

8) Seema’s story still makes me laugh. Every morning she takes her son, Dhyaan and daughter, Antara to their school on her Scooty. One morning, she was getting late, in her hurry scurry she made Antara stand in front and assuming that Dhyaan had taken his seat at the back, she started off. Just as she reached the school, her phone rang. It was Sunil, her husband. “Seema, what have you done? Why have you left Dhyaan?” Shocked Seema looked behind only to realise that she had left Dhyaan at their house. Oops! She had started off her Scooty without making sure that Dhyaan had been seated.

It's a tough job being a parent. We love our kids dearly and try to make sure that they get all the love and care they need but we are humans too and tend to make mistakes. Hope you find these incidents useful in some ways. Do feel free to share with me your parental confessions

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