Separation from Parents: Cruelty for Sons but Duties of Daughters
|   Oct 09, 2016
Separation from Parents: Cruelty for Sons but Duties of Daughters

Today's news again brings to light the weird notions of our society. It was stated that "in a Hindu society, it is a pious obligation of the son to maintain parents ". Then what about the "moral and legal obligations" of the daughter? To say that "no son would like to be separated from his old parents and other family members, who are also dependent upon his income."

Then what about the old and dependent parents of the daughter? A daughter has to leave her parental house and doesn't have any rights or duties to take care of them in their old age.

This law again puts the male in supreme position. It will further support the age old mentality of our society which prefers a son over a daughter. This is why our society celebrates the birth of a son rather than a daughter.

Now, where is the equality between a son and a daughter gone? This law will further encourage those people who want a male child. Our society's obsession with the male child will only become stronger.

It's alright when a daughter gets "separated" from her parents at the time of marriage but it is "torturous" for a son to leave his parents.

"A son, brought up and given education by his parents, has a moral and legal obligations to take care of his parents", aren't the girls brought up and given education by her parents.

Obviously, people would look towards having a male child and not a girl child as a daughter has to leave her paternal home after marriage but a son will only look after them in their old age.

Rather, it should be the moral duties of both the son and a daughter to take care of their parents in their old age. After marriage, the husband and wife becomes one entity, they need to jointly take care of each other's family. Neither of them should force the other to leave his or her family. It should equally be the duties of both the daughter and the son to maintain their parents.

However, if circumstances become such that the son has to leave his parents' house after marriage and live separately, he can still take care of his family and be with them in time of need. Living separately does not mean leaving them forever, there can always be love, affection and fulfilment of duties.

What about those parents who have only daughters? Who will look after them in their old age? Can the daughters be given some rights too to take care of their parents?

Parents are parents be it the son's or the daughter's. When we need them they are always with us likewise whenever they need us we need to be with them. When a husband and wife jointly looks after their children, in the same way, they need to jointly look after their parents.

How much older we become, we will always need the guidance and blessings of our elders. To leave our elders in their old age is cruelty , be it the son's or a daughter's.

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