Some Funny Reactions with Respect to Our Currency Ban
|   Nov 09, 2016
Some Funny Reactions with Respect to Our Currency Ban

The government’s decision to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes has shaken everybody. Overnight our phone memories have got full with messages and reactions in this regard.

Everybody is thinking of a creative use of the banned notes.

Today, when I overheard a conversation in my neighbourhood. The maid arrived and my neighbor asked her that she was once telling her about some piece of land which she had booked in her village. The conversation which followed was:

Neighbour: "Revika, do you still have to pay any instalments for your land?”

Revika: “ Yes, Didi."

Neighbour: “Well, if you want, I can give you a six months’ advance for that.”

She smiled and politely said, “No, Didi, thanks. I don’t want any advance. Just give my regular salary. I know that 500 and 1000₹ notes have been banned.”

Modi Ji’s decision has certainly helped me in proving my loyalty and honesty towards my husband. Today, when there is great hue and cry among the wives’ community as to how they will have to disclose their secret accumulation of money from their husband’s pockets, even on the phones there were funny videos in this regard, I happily told my husband

Me: “See, how loyal and honest I am with you. Even in today’s world I maintain transparency with you as I don’t have even a single note to hide from you.”

A friend of mine called me in the morning, for her niece’s upcoming wedding, she had secretly saved a certain amount of money from her husband for buying herself an expensive saree. She said, “you know, now, I will have to give all my money that I had saved to my husband. I will have to tell him that the actual price of the saree that I had shown him on the net is ₹40,000 and not 20,000₹.”

I told my daughter about the banned currency notes. She immediately brought her toy notes which we use for our role play activities. She took out her toy 500 and 1000 notes and said, “mummy, what do I do now? I have saved this money for so long. Now what will I do? What will happen will these notes and from where will I get new money?”

Gold price has hiked overnight. Even in the local market and grocery store, there was a sudden increase in the demand of things like desi ghee etc.

A neighbour was asking for the change of Rs 1000 to the presswala. He refused by saying that he doesn’t have, knowing very well that the 1000-rupee note has been banned. She told him that he can keep it as advance. To that also he refused.

The response is so hilarious. The nation has been suddenly shaken by this decision more than it gets shaken by anything else.

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