The Magic of Munchkins on My Little Munchkins
|   May 13, 2016
The Magic of Munchkins on My Little Munchkins

“Wow!” said my elder daughter as she saw the Munchkins snack box, “it looks very yummy, mummy”, was her first reaction. As soon as I gave a Buttery Bran Cookie to my elder daughter, my younger one was no less behind. Both of them loved the cookies. It was such a joy to see them eating a healthy and nutritious evening snack in such a joyful way. The dimple shown on my husband’s face too, watching his pearls snacking in a healthy manner. 

“Sharing is caring” as the trial box says, so I thought to share it with my family too. The nutritious Vanilla Crunchers did not find many takers as the combination of honey and vanilla was not enjoyed so much. Although, the ingredients are all very healthy and nutritious, it can go very well in school lunch box too, if only it contains chocolate flavor.The Very Berry Mix was a kid’s delight. It became their favorite in an instant and was finished in no time. The taste of Potato Pops is also very good, less oily, non-spicy and can be eaten by younger kids too. 

The Munchkins snack box is a very well balanced, wholesome, extremely nutritious, a very tasty blend of healthy ingredients. It is a very good product especially for working mothers who do not have enough time to do research and cook healthy and tasty snacks for today’s fussy kids. Also, kids these days want something new and tasty snacks every time. It becomes very difficult for the mothers to keep on cooking something ‘new’ as their priority is to feed the kids with healthy ingredients. Munchkins snack box is the best suited snack in such a situation.

As a mother we keep researching for healthy and nutritious ingredients and making a balanced and healthy recipe out of it but still there are times when we can't find enough time to cook something tasty and healthy snack for our kids who are so involved in co-curricular activities that giving them some unhealthy snack makes us feel as we are not fulfilling their nutrition requirements. A Munchkins snack box is an ideal choice in such a situation. Unfortunately, it is not available in the local consumer market but even then going over the net and taking a subscription worth it as it will be delivered right at our doorstep. So, do visit munchkinsbox and get your kids a tasty bite with delight.

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