The Night Journal Of a Sick Child and a Sleepless Mother
|   Jul 20, 2016
The Night Journal Of a  Sick Child and a Sleepless Mother

It's 2am and we are still awake, 

I cannot sleep nor can she,

It's day three but the viral doesn't break, 

She cries to see the medicines and refuses to be nebulise,

Her constant cough and stomach ache,

The high fever and the body ache, 

The viral steals our cheers and joys,

In my arms does she only take refuge,

The sight of toys, dolls would she refuse,

Three days back, she was fine, happy, healthy and gay,

Her condition worsened as night followed the day,

Her sparkling eyes started swelling, her little nose began dripping, 

The redness of fever took the healthy colour of her face,

She showed little interest in her play, 

And chose the bed instead to lay,

At midnight, then she woke up, 

Crying loud but not in vain,

She was as hot as an oven,

Her entire body was in pain,

A sip of water brought a gush of vomit,

The cursed virus had won the fight,

Defeating her humble immunity,

It increased my baby’s misery,

There was so little that I could do,

Along with the vomit, she had those motions too,

Her stomach was cramping with pain, 

She twisted and turned again and again,

No words could describe her plight,

How much I try with all my might,

Those medicines she took easily,

When they had just begun, 

She dreaded that one thing so much,

Thermometer, who came with no fun,

103 it told me, that's why she felt  so low,

Sleep wouldn't come to her, when the time tells four,

I took her I my arms, perhaps in  the other room we could sleep tight,

Making me her navigator, guiding this way or that,

She wouldn't let me sit, nor herself she sat,

Soon,  the pain in her stomach eased,

Her forehead was still very hot,

I dipped a cloth in water and put it on her head,

A faint little smile came from her,

When it cooled and soothed her burning head,

At last, she went to sleep,

I gave a big sigh of relief,

Now I could go to bed for a little rest,

The clock struck six and the sun was out at its best,

The next day we met the doctor, 

Medicines he prescribed some more,

Nebuliser once, twice and four,

The virus affected her appetite, it was  stolen too, 

She cried at the sight of nebuliser, ran away from medicines, 

No ball, no doll appealed her,

She ran even from me too,

The day brought in the night,

Again it worsened her sight,

Weak, tired, lazy and slow,

It saddened my heart and my blood flow,

Cough increased a lot more, 

Haggard, pale, dreary look she bore,

Oh, cursed virus, please go now,

Give back her health, happiness and glow, 

Never strike and spoil a childhood, 

Never bring the helplessness in motherhood,

Let my child be fit and fine,

With health and happiness may her shine.

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