The Super Mom who became a Smart Mom
|   May 23, 2016
The Super Mom who became a Smart Mom

No sooner than we had shifted in this apartment , Shalini, who lived in the apartment next to ours became very close to me. Shalini had relocated to Delhi last year from a small town in Gujarat. She lived with her husband and two children. Every day was the same for her, getting up at 4:30 in the morning, getting ready, preparing lunch for her husband and kids, sending kids to school. Her day went doing numerous household chores, bringing back children from school, taking them for activity classes during the evenings, teaching them and preparing dinner. It used to be around 11:00 at night when she could go to sleep.

A wedding in the family was approaching and so was her wedding anniversary but she looked very upset. I asked her what the matter was as I saw her at the door one day. “Oh! What do I do now? I can't find enough time to go to the parlour. There is not enough time for me to go to a boutique also. Rajat doesn't have any time to take me for shopping either” was her reply. The next morning when she came to my house she looked excited. Rajat had got an Android Smart phone for her as their wedding anniversary gift. I told her about the various useful applications and downloaded them in no time.

It worked like  a magic lamp for her. Now, grocery shopping meant choosing and clicking online online and low and behold the vegetables were right at her doorstep. Kids lunch box would take no time as there were many ‘quick and easy lunch box recipes’ online. Putting the kids to sleep became all the more easier as they could listen to one of the downloaded lullabies. Children’s study time had become a fun time for her now. She no longer needed to go through a pile of books to prepare assignments since they were available online too. She could  save hours now and was much relaxed.

“Shalini! When are you going to give me dinner?” Rajat called out. “Hang on, dear! Let me just upload a pic of this dish on Facebook .” Shalini replied. “Shalini! Shalini! I'm still waiting for dinner. What's the matter?” Rajat called out again. “One more selfie Rajat! Seema is still not believing that I've made it myself.” Rajat looked at her while she was taking selfies again and again striking the perfect pose wondering what made him buy her the phone. 

“Priya, which is the best salon nearby” asked Shalini to her friend while waiting outside her children’s dance class. “Arre! Go online, yaar! Book your beauty services at home. Why to spend hours waiting in a salon?” Asking about a was her next question. “Show me your phone. Let's shop online right here right now.”Priya told Shalini. “Wow! What beautiful dresses!” Shalini immediately selected and clicked at a dress that she liked. She, also, booked a beautician for home services online.

She was getting her services done when Rajat called up to tell that he was reaching home early. “Shalini! I'm hungry, please get me something to eat.” Rajat said as soon as he reached home. “Honey, I was extremely busy during the day. Please, order online”, replied Shalini sweetly. “Mom! My I missed my homework today. Can you help me?”asked her son. “Baby! Wait a minute I have its pic in my Whats app group, you can copy it from there” replied Shalini. No more a Super Mom, Shalini has become a Smart Mom now.

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