Viral- Afflicting People, Ruling Discussions
|   Sep 19, 2016
Viral- Afflicting People, Ruling Discussions

 These days, viral fever has affected everybody. Not even a single house has been spared by it. Everybody whom we meet and greet has their share of story to tell regarding the great outspread.

The other day, one of my neighbours met me. She told me how she had fallen ill a few days back and was hospitalised. She had sudden bouts of vomiting and was rushed immediately to the hospital. They refused to attend her and she was taken to another hospital. Over there she was given just emergency treatment and was advised to go back. Her son was dissatisfied so he took her to a third hospital.

The situation there was much worse. Two patients were sharing the same bed and all the beds were full even the corridors were full of patients lying on the stretchers. She was refused to be admitted even there due to the lack of availability of beds. Somehow, after hours of waiting, she was finally admitted.

Another friend of mine, had a similar story to tell. She had high fever and when taken to the hospital, she was advised to take the treatment at home due to lack of rooms and beds.

The viral fever is so widely spread that there are long queues in the hospital and clinics. People are talking to each other and giving suggestions and advising medicines based on their own experiences. Some are even taking medicines after consulting the chemists. There are many who are surfing the net and are taking medicines on their own.

The other day, somebody told me that she had gone to visit her relative in the hospital and when she came home, she got infected herself. In the hospitals, lifts are overloaded with patients, the chances of getting infections from there are all the higher. She suggested that it is better to ask a person’s wellbeing at home rather than paying a visit in person.

More than physically, it has affected people psychologically. People are more scared and feel sick than actually being sick. Instead of taking self-medications, precautions must be taken to avoid getting infected. Medicines must be taken after being prescribed by the doctor. Home remedies must also be taken with care and caution. A balanced diet and a good intake of fluids proves very helpful in recovering and fighting diseases.

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