Money can't buy everything..
|   Jul 12, 2017
Money can't buy everything..

Some people have a misconception that money can by everything.  But I personally don't think so. Let me tell you why?

Here is a short story... which will explain everything. 

Abhay was a 10 year old boy. He was the only son to his parents. Abhay’s father was a very busy businessman who could not spend time with his son. He came home after Abhay slept, and was off to office before Abhay woke up in the morning. Abhay yearned for his father’s attention. He wanted to go outdoors and play with his father just like his friends did.

One day, Abhay was surprised to see his father at home in the evening.

“Dad, it is a big surprise to see you at home,” Abhay said. “Yes son, my meeting was cancelled. So I’m at home. But after two hours I have to catch a flight,” his father replied.

“When will you be back?” asked Abhay

“Tomorrow noon.” said his dad

Abhay was in deep thought for a while. Then he asked, “Dad, how much do you earn in a year?”

Abhay’s father was taken aback. He said, “My dear son, it’s a very big amount and you won’t be able to understand it.”

“Ok dad, are you happy with the amount you earn?”

“Yes my dear. I’m very happy, and in fact I’m planning to launch our new branch and a new business in a few months. Isn’t that great?”

“Yes, dad. I’m happy to hear that. Can I ask you one more question?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Dad, can you tell me how much you earn in a day or even half a day?”

“son , why are you asking this question?” Abhay’s father asked. 

But Abhay was persistent. “Please answer me. Can you please tell me how much you earn in an hour?”

Abhay’s father replied, “It will be around 1600/- rupees per hour.”

Abhay ran to his room upstairs, and came down with his piggy bank that contained his savings.

“Dad, I have 3200 rupees in my piggy bank. Can you spare two hours for me? I want to go to the restraunt and have dinner with you tomorrow evening. Can you please mark this in your schedule?”

Abhay's father was speechless!

The greatest gift a parent can give his child is time. Money can’t buy everything to us. Sometimes we need someone to be near just for a mental support. Just for some physical help when we are not fine.

Whatever a son/daughter can do for their parent's and parents can do for their kids, no other person , maid  or servant can ever do that.

Foolish indeed is the person who considers himself safe and sound because he has money. . . .

And another reason it's foolish to trust in riches for security is that money, which brings no lasting satisfaction, certainly not in the area of things that really matter. There are many things that no amount of money can buy. For instance;

  • Money can buy medicine, but not health.
  • Money can buy a house, but not a home and family. 
  • Money can buy companionship, but not friends.
  • Money can buy food, but not an appetite.
  • Money can buy a bed, but not sleep.
  • Money can buy the good life, but not eternal life.
  • It is God (alone) who is able to supply us "with all things to enjoy." As  its said: "Money has never yet made anyone rich."

    I just want to make a request to all the fathers daughters mothers sons and evry one who are reading this that, please spare some good time for your family. 

    We all are seeking for success , but money and success have no value if you do not have mental peace . 

    Parents should not think and ask to visit their children.  Children should not think and give excuses to visit their parents . We all are capable of doing anything . 

    Nothing is much important that taking care of someone's emotions and taking out some time for those who need us. 

    Money can go and come back, but people never come back after leaving us once.
    Take care!!

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