Mothers, take a chill pill !!
|   May 16, 2017
Mothers, take a chill pill !!

We bring our kids in this world. That little bundle needs to be raised, to be taught every single thing. The child comes like a blank slate. But ever thought that the first-time parent is also like a blank slate when it comes to parenting? Both the mother and the father have no clue as to how they will raise the child. Not just raising, raising the child to be a good human!So, who teaches the parents all these? Of course, the child! Parenting is a continuous learning process. Here are a few things that I learnt as a parent : -

  1. Moms need not get paranoid all the time. Every fall, every hurt that the kid endures makes him/her stronger.
  2. Kids have a big, big heart. They forget and forgive very easily. I have also yelled at my baby, become angry with her so many times; sometimes for a reason, sometimes without a reason. But every time she has come and hugged me back and forgiven me, rather she doesnt even remember my meltdowns.
  3. No book, web site, person can teach parenting, it’s totally a hands-on process. Books, sites are very helpful in clearing doubts or guiding but then each child is different and so is each parent. Every parent brings up his child the way he wants to!
  4. It is okay to make mistakes as a parent. To err is human and parents are no different. No baby comes with a manual. Every parent commits mistakes, falters, and it’s absolutely okay. Kids love the parents unconditionally.
  5. Don’t be guilty over small matters. It’s okay if your child hasn’t had one meal and slept, it’s okay if he has hurt himself in your presence, it’s okay if you fed him junk one day! Your child will not blame you ever for this!
  6. Never compare yourself with other parents. Nobody knows your child better than you and you are doing the best you can in raising him. So, never compare your parenting with others. No parent is perfect.
  7. Each child is unique. Each child has qualities of his own, so as parents we should never compare our kids with the others. Love the child as he /she is.
  8. As the kids grow up, we start learning new trends with them; and it’s fun!

This learning never stops, never. As the kids grow up, we grow older, but learning still continues, as I see my parents still learning from us sometimes , so I can say it. Parenting is a joyous journey and not an exam! Every day we teach our children new things and learn something new from them. Cherish each phase of the child. There will be ups and downs in this long journey but never a dull moment. Our kids teach us positivity too!

So enjoy parenting, keep learning, be happy!

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