My Bhabi is the best !!
|   Jun 09, 2017
My Bhabi is the best !!

11 November 2016, was my elder brother's wedding .. That moment when my now sister-in-law walked down the stage and I looked at my brother to see the biggest smile on his face.. it was like a movie , where the guy always gets the girl best for him.

    They happily tied the knot... they looked so happy  .. But some thing was there in my mind... and that was how my relationship will be with her.. 

But She is just awesome...we never spoke to each other much, we never spent time together, but still we talk like sisters.

I dont talk to my sister-in-law every day. But whenever we talk, we talk  about a lot, . We talk a lot, and it's pretty fun. She freely tells me everything and I do the same. 

She can criticise my brother if he does something wrong and I listen to her.its never messy. 

Whenever I have any problems, she understands. If she doesn't, she tries her best to. Honestly, she's amazing because she just gets it. I talk to her and say, "xyz happened to me?" She'd be like, "Oh my gosh, that happened to me also! " and then makes me feel better. 

SHES SO SWEET.. I don't know how my brother found her but I'm so happy for them. They're both so great and so amazing for each other. It's quite cute.

Now she and my brother have decided to have a kid, and she's going to make a great mother. She's educated and is caring and nurturing.  when her kid will need her, she'll be able to help with anything and everything.

And offcource she has a great bond with my mother as well. They both laugh Loud together and enjoy each other's company.  

I'm so thankful to have her in my life and I'm so lucky to have her. She's so great, and I love her! All I ever want is for her to be happy and healthy.

Luv you Rozy Bhabi and Yash.. 

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