Only a daughter can sacrifice her dreams 
|   Jun 30, 2017
Only a daughter can sacrifice her dreams 

Weddings are such days of the year in which everyone enjoys alot. Food, jewellery, clothes, dance , ceremonies, and much more . 

         It's about 3rd January 2015. Radhika was getting married. She was 26 years old. Radhika was an architect in Mumbai. Her would be husband was a civil engineer.  

Radhika's family was very happy. But, What was going on in radhika's mind? What was her thoughts.  What was she feeling exactly?.

It was not at all a mixed kind of feeling. She was not happy. Not because of any silly reason that clicks into your mind after reading that she was not happy.  No she had no affair. No she had no issues of dislikes for the guy she was getting married to. No she was not in a mood of postponing her wedding.

Then what was the reason? Why radhika was not happy? Was she sacred of something? Or she had some thing else in her mind?

I will definitely would not leave this story incomplete. Radhika's father was a retired colonel. Colonel in indian army is equivalent to the captain in indian navy. She was been raised up in a really good atmosphere . Kids of army officers get to see something real different and good in their lives .

 kids of an army officer be much more  disciplined than other kids. Radhika was not so open up with her father. Her equation was better with her mom. Radhika's mom knew everything about radhika. She might also knew that why radhika is not happy.

Like other daughters , Radhika also had a dream to spend time with her father . To share every thing about her life with him. But her father never ever tried to speak to radhika. He always wanted a son in radhika's place . Sometimes radhika felt that she has only her mom in their house whom she can talk to. Since childhood she tried to seek his father's little attention. What not she did for this.  But her father never noticed anything she did.

No body can say that what her father actually wanted  from Radhika. Everything was good, her job, his father's married life , then what else he wanted . Why he always maintained a distance with his daughter ?. 

Radhika was unhappy because she knew no matter how nice her in laws were, no one else can love her as much as her mom and dad . 

Radhika just wished that her father spend some time with her,  Hug her , laugh with her , share his experiences with her . But nothing like this happened.  Her wish was not fulfilled.  

Her father wept alot after reading the letter that radhika left for him. Lets see what She wrote in it ;


             I know you were always busy in your life and had no time to listen to me that's why I am leaving this letter for you. Papa I did architecture because you wanted me to do it . Papa I never ever entered into any relationship with any man because you didn't want me to marry against you. I always tried to do something big for myself so that you feel proud to have me as your daughter.  I  always wanted to be your son because you always wanted a son at my place . But I promise to you papa that I will always keep  trying to make you happy . May be one day you will accept me as you daughter instead of regretting that I am not your son  .

                                 Lots of love

                             Your daughter .

              Daughters are like candles in dark, I can say that because I am a daughter and I have a daughter too.  Every one should live their daughters without any comparison with their sons. Son Is son , and daughter is daughter.   Thanks 

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