Sky of success !!
|   Jun 28, 2017
Sky of success !!

This story is about two ladies ,Kastoori and Amrita... who belong to different families and cultures.

Kastoori was a well qualified girl who is not allowed to work after marriage. Her husband and mother in law didn't let her work because they wanted her to do house hold work, Take care of kids and family.

       On the other hand , amrita was a working woman , who earns 70k per month. She was also married and was staying with her in laws .

Kastoori and Amrita were neighbours since 7 years.  they used to meet with each other in the evenings only. Their nature and thoughts were not so different. Kastoori had two kids and Amrita had one kid. Amrita's mother in law was taking a good care of her son as she went to work. 

And  kastoori was a lady with a smart brain but she had no value of that brain in her own house. She was supposed to work like a maid for whole day. 

Once, Amrita's boss gave her some work related to income tax issues. She was not able to do it as she had no knowledge about taxes .

Amrita was so tensed about the dead lines given by her boss. Like every evening, they met that evening too.

Amrita told kastoori about her problem. Kastoori laughted and said " it's so simple to solve your problem ". Amrita was a bit shocked. She asked  if she can help her. 

Kastoori said " offcource I can help you dear. I am an advocate.". Amrita was wondering why doesn't she work if she is that qualified. 

Kastoori solved all the issues of amrita related to work. They went back to their houses.

Amrita was sitting on the couch at night,  and was thanking god to giving her such life in which she can at least do the sort of work she wish to. She felt pity for kastoori. All her talent has been wasted only because of her mother in law's and her husband's stupidity .

Amrita decided to go to kastoori's house and talk to her family. 

Next morning when amrita entered kastooris  house, she saw that kastoori was polishing her husband's shoes. All the family welcomed amrita. Kids also said hi to her. Amrita sat down and hesitated a bit. 

Kastoori' s mom in law asked everything about amrita' s life to her. Then amrita raised a dare to ask them why they are wasting kastoori' s talent.

" kastoori is real good at taxes. She is an advocate she told me. Why doesn't she work??" Said amrita.

" if ladies will work who will manage house?" Said kastoori's mom in law.

" but these days everyone has maid for all house hold chores . Why kastoori has to do all??". Asked amrita 

" she is a daughter in law, she has to work for family only. She has 2 kids one husband and one mom in law to take care of ." Said kastoori's mom in law with anger .

Before amrita said anything else to kastoori's mom in law, kastoori's husband asked amrita to leave the house.

Amrita was disheartened and sad. Kastoori called amrita to say sorry.

" I feel sorry for you kastoori. You have to take stand for yourself.  No one else can help you until you help yourself  ".

Said amrita and then disconnected the call.

Kastoori faught with her husband and mom in law for her rights. After  a lot of argument and discussion,her husband finally decided to allow her to work. 

Kastoori got a job under amrita in her company.  She is earning 30k per month. She has kept a full day maid at her house. 

Kastoori was no more a slave.  She was free . She achieved all that she wanted only because she raised her voice. We all need an inspiration in our lives like amrita. 

Amrita inspired kastoori to work and utilise her talent and knowledge. Everyone should raise their voices for their rights . 

If we won't speak.. no one will bother about what we feel .

Thanks for reading.

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