Coming Clean on Washing Baby Clothes- A very important task
|   May 24, 2017
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Coming Clean on Washing Baby Clothes- A very important task

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Believe me once this little member enters our life and our homes there are so many important tasks at hand, doing them successfully is really a great achievement. Starting from the feeds, the diaper changes, bathing, burping, clothing and the list is endless. As the new generation parents we ensure that our little one gets the best and in the best possible way. While we take all the necessary precaution in choosing the best of all things for our babies like the best baby feeds, feeding accessories, diapers, bathing soaps, creams, oil, are we really taking care of the type of detergent/ soap we use to wash the baby’s clothes as well? Based on my experience and some internet surfing I am listing down the points which you can consider while choosing the detergent for washing baby clothes.


  1. Choose a detergent which is specifically for baby clothes. Which means that it should be gentle without much of harsh chemicals. You can test 2-3 of the baby’s clothes with the detergent if using for the first time and try it on the baby after the first wash. If the baby has not developed any skin allergies/rashes then it's safe to use further.
  2. Be Natural and be safe. Baby detergent must be free of chemical additives and toxins such as petroleum, benzene, phthalates, and BPA (Bisphenol A). Better to check the ingredients on the internet before buying and research each one to ensure it is safe for you child . The more natural the detergent less will be the chances of triggering a skin allergy.
  3. Choose a liquid detergent over a powdered one as liquid’s tend to be less irritant on the baby’s skin.
  4. Always choose a detergent which doesn’t have added scents or colours so it can be easy on the baby’s skin.
  5. And when the detergent is gentle please do not compromise on the stain removal aspect. The detergent should be good in stain removal since babies will have all sorts of dirt and germs on their clothes. At the end of the day, the job of a detergent is to removes stains effectively and if it fails in that then the whole purpose is failed.
  6. Finally, if you are using cloth diapers/nappies for your babies then avoid using detergents which have oil in them. These detergents will not help in cleaning the cloth diapers effectively and will build up on them.


Hope these tips have been useful for you to choose the right detergent as this is also one very important aspect in baby caring. If I have missed out on anything then my mommy friends can add their inputs.


Happy parenting!!!!

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