Growing up and old, with Johnson & Johnson
|   Nov 22, 2016
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Growing up and old, with Johnson & Johnson

Growing up and old, with Johnson & Johnson


Like childhood is the most integral part of one’s life, similarly baby care is the most challenging part of a mom’s life. Every mom is faced with questions and doubts when choosing anything for her little one. As for me I also had my dilemmas whenever I had to decide anything for my sons but for one thing i.e. Johnson & Johnson.


J&J has been there since my childhood and my mom used to tell me how she trusted the J&J products for me and my brother. During my time only the powder and soap were readily available, other things were not seen or heard about. Everyone who came to see me (the baby) would bring a J&J powder or soap with them. Such was the trust that J&J has built among people. J&J had become a generic name for baby care products.


After I became a mom, my belief in J&J has continued till date. I have used almost all products of J&J and I have trusted it for my sons. The mesmerizing fragrance of the powder, the subtle feel of the soap, the softness of the lotion, the effectively clean baby wipes, the nourishing hair oil and the bubbly baby wash, the list goes on. Each and every product leaves its everlasting positivity on the mother and child relationship. A baby’s skin is highly sensitive and any wrong product can cause severe pain for the baby and the mom. There is no bigger reason required to prove that J&J is one of the trusted brands since it has the trust of millions of mothers across the globe.


J&J has ensured to diversify across various segments of baby care and also assured ready availability in each and every corner of our country. I have used J&J products and I don’t have any doubt about its quality. I have entrusted my baby’s skin care responsibility to J&J and it has not disappointed me at all.


Do watch this video to understand how to take care of your child after bath and keep her skin moisturized always.

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