How to care for your baby’s clothes? Tips for new and expectant mothers
|   May 24, 2017
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How to care for your baby’s clothes? Tips for new and expectant mothers

All of us know the importance of baby care and how trying to be a perfect mother can be difficult at times. Just like we take extra care for our baby’s skin, food and health, similarly taking special care of our baby’s clothes is equally important. Newborns have a very sensitive skin and could be easily affected by the fabric of the clothes. Some of the tips that can be useful for new and expectant mothers from my own experience and research are given below:


  1. Always wash the new clothes that you buy or get for the babies. If you are nearing your delivery date then it's better to wash all the babies’ clothes, nappies, blankets, socks and towels in a mild detergent and with an antiseptic liquid.
  2. It’s better to wash the baby’s laundry separately rather than mixing it with the laundry of other members in the family. This will ensure that the dirt and sweat from the other member’s clothes have no effect on the baby’s clothes.
  3. It’s good to use a liquid detergent rather than the powder ones so that we can ensure that no flakes/residue are left on the baby’s clothes.
  4. Always use an antiseptic liquid to dip the clothes after washing with detergent, so as to ensure that any chance of irritation/skin rashes is avoided.
  5. If possible dry the baby clothes especially the cloth nappies in direct sunlight which will ensure that all germs are killed.
  6. For stain removal; the best approach to managing stains made by breast milk, formula, spit-up, or poop is to try wiping or rinsing off the offending substance as much as you can while it’s still relatively fresh.
  7. Choose soft and natural fabrics such as cotton for clothing and bedding. Avoid direct contact of woolen clothes with baby skin.
  8. Last but not the least use a detergent or fabric conditioner with a good smell as baby clothes are always soiled with urine, poop, milk or food.


Hope these tips have been useful to you. If I have missed on something then the experienced mommies can add on to it.


Happy Parenting!!!!

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