Seasons and Baby Care
|   Jan 24, 2017
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Seasons and Baby Care

I am sure all mommies will agree with me that Baby is care one of the most challenging and demanding responsibilities of any parent. Till the time a baby is six months old he/ she is exclusively breastfed or formula fed and that implies that the mother has to eat healthy, take proper rest and stay happy. But once the babies switch to solid and get more active, than mothers have to ensure a proper check on the baby’s diet and remain vigilant at all times.


Experts say that till the age of 5, children are prone to weather changes, which if not taken proper care of can leave them sick, feverish, weak and finicky. Moreover, it’s very difficult to take care of a child below 5 if he/ she falls sick, because they will be forever crying and making them have medicines is definitely a herculean task.  I would like to share some of the routine things which I follow to make sure my kids do not fall sick easily during different weather conditions. Kids do fall sick and that is good in a way because it makes the antibodies active, but frequently falling sick will leave them weak and pale.

    1. Eat clean, be clean and feel clean:We should always ensure that whenever we are feeding the baby, preparing food or changing nappies etc., our hands should always be washed and clean. Our body can carry all viruses and bacteria and easily transmit to another living being. Babies get easily prone to such infections.
    2. Seasonal fruits and vegetables:I always ensure that seasonal fruits and veggies are given to the baby in some or the other form, not in large portions but little by little so that kids get used to the taste of every eatable thing. The seasonal foods have the ability to protect our body from any negative effects of the season. This will also be helpful for picky eaters who yearn for variety and cannot stick to a mundane food menu.
    3. Bathing and clothing:During summers I make sure that I give my baby a bath twice in a day so that they remain cool and fresh. In winter season I avoid giving bath every day , until and unless it's absolutely necessary.  A hot towel massage is enough if the baby has not been up to anything very dirty that a bath becomes inevitable. A coconut oil massage during summers and an olive oil massage in winter and rainy season is a good option. Clothes should definitely match the weather conditions and in winters the woolen clothes should be used only after exposing to sunlight. This ensures the freshness of the woolens. In summers cotton clothes are the best option and changing clothes for the baby thrice a day is really advisable.
    4. Water ,water and lots of water:If the baby is below six months then breast milk is enough to keep him hydrated and if formula fed than small ounces of boiled cooled water is advisable. Beyond six months babies should be given water, lemon juice and other fluids to keep body hydrated at all times irrespective of the weather. This ensures cleansing of the body and proper bowel movements. Again seasonal fruits are a good option to keep the babies hydrated.
    5. Body and Room temperature:Its always better to keep the baby’s body temperature at a normal rate i.e. neither too cool or not too hot. Avoid them from very hot sunrays and very cool AC temperatures. The sudden temperature fluctuations are harmful for the baby. 

The above listed are some of the practices that I follow religiously to keep my baby healthy and ensure that he falls ill less frequently. Apart from all these, regular intake of good and healthy diet is the most important to build a good immune system. Kids with a good immune system will be able to enjoy every weather condition to the fullest and as parents we can be carefree as well.

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