Yes.......I love to wear Saree.....
|   Feb 28, 2017
Yes.......I love to wear Saree.....

“Huzur iss kadar bhi na itra ke chaliye, khule aam aanchal na lehra ke chaliye…….” the beautiful song caught my attention. I started singing along, but, then a question came into my mind that why do I like this song? Is it the music or the voice or the lyrics which I like most? No doubt, the music and singers in the song are superb, but my love for this song stems from its lyrics which beautifully describe the flair of a saree, which is my favourite dress. The seeds for this fondness were sown right in my childhood when I used to see my mother and grandmother wearing crisp cotton sarees daily. I used to admire them and secretly wished to wear saree like them when I grow up. But, the need for being fast paced has taken a toll on my secret passion and now I am normally seen adorning kurtis with leggings or jeans.

                One fine day, while searching for something I hit upon some big pouches containing some of the finest and heirloom sarees gifted to me by my parents and in-laws in my wedding. A look at those fine pieces of art and I fell in love with them all over again. Fortunately, I didn’t had to wait for long as there was a party in the evening and so I decided to look my best that day. I draped myself with a silk saree having intricate thread weaving. I was happy with the wide choices I had, to team it up with the jewellery. I selected an antique gold neck piece with long ‘jhumkas’. A touch of lipstick, kajal and a bindi, and there I was all set to go with my enhanced feminism. My husband had an admiring look in his eyes, my little girl came to me and threw her arms around me saying “Mamma, you look so pretty today”. In the party, some people appreciated my look while some others commented that “how could you manage this 5 mtr long cloth?”

                Nevertheless, I was not disappointed as I was super happy to find my lost love, but, a volley of thoughts was hitting my mind. Is the glorious tradition of wearing saree getting lost in this supersonic era? I find that women, especially youngsters do not like to dress up in a saree. The trend has been taken over by all sorts of westerns, gowns and other dresses. Getting along with the changing fashion is always good, but still in my opinion saree is the most graceful piece of clothing for women, of course if draped properly. Faulty draping with misfit accompaniments could surely wreak havoc. A right choice of saree (material, texture, print, work etc) and proper draping goes a long way in enhancing the pluses and hiding the minuses of a woman’s physique. The extensive variety of jewellery that could be integrated with a saree has no comparison with any other dress.

                My thoughts were interrupted when my daughter came on my lap and told me, “Mamma, when I grow up, I will also wear saree like you”. Indeed, history repeats itself. “Sure dear”, smilingly I rocked her to sleep promising myself to keep this wonderful tradition of wearing saree alive and to hand it over carefully to my next generation.  

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