What does our mind look like, Mummy???
|   Aug 05, 2015
What does our mind look like, Mummy???

We have small chats everyday, and loads of questions to answer to the growing, inquisitive and intelligent little beings in our house. So yesterday evening V had some questions when I  gave him a small pep talk about  paying attention while we study.

Me: V, please concentrate & pay attention.

V: But my mind keeps thinking a lot of things.

Me: Thats nice, it must... but we have a time for everything, don't we? So right now pay attention to your dictation words.

V: How do I do that?

A big question !!! Wondering what to do and how to tell him.

V loves pets ( No, we don't have any !!). I ask for some time out and came up with this.

Me: Ok, think your mind is like your pet dog, it keeps going everywhere, you want it to stay with you, so you are going to tell it : (dramatical performance by me, lol) come here mind, you need to stay with me. come on, no going anywhere.

V, is very excited and that seems to work for him, and guess what, we are done with 10 dictation words in less than 10 minutes. Awesome !!!

Later :

V: How does our mind look like?

Me: Okay !! (wondering)

Me: Do you know how does your heart look like?

V: Yes !!! Like this ( making a heart shape with his two tiny hands & showing the size on the back of his palm)

Me: Very good !! So, do you know, what it means when we say a heart is full of love?

V: Yeah.

Me: Great !! Have you seen love?

V: No!!

Me: But you know it, right? You can feel it !!

V: Yes.

Me: You know, how your brains look like?

V: It looks like a walnut from inside.

Me: Exactly! So, the mind in the brain is just like the love in a heart.

V: Wow!! Just like our souls, mummy.

Me: Yes very much. ( I was wondering which other question is going to pop, and it came right out there)

V: What does our soul look like? They show in the movies, it looks like us. Is it true??

Me: Have you seen the wind?

V: No

Me: But you see in the movies, how they show wind in so many different ways. That is what we call their imagination. So, some people imagine our souls look like us, and they show their imagination so beautifully on the TV.

Just like wind, we do not know how it looks like, but we know it is there. You can use your imagination to give it what ever face you want. That's the beauty of imagination.

Fearing, another question is on its way, E comes to my rescue…” V, come on. Let's play.”

And off they go !!!

What a growing Mind !!!!

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