Happy to have a "khadus" boss
|   Apr 19, 2017
Happy to have a "khadus" boss

While other complaint's that they are having 'khadus' boss and so they are unhappy, boss has ruined their life like hell and etc. She was the one who is so much happy and never complaints to have a strict boss. Whenever anyone asks her how's you feel to work with him (the boss)? She simply smiles and says , 'Very nice.' Question mark placed on the asking person's face ,'What nice she find in working with the khadus?' "Is she is mad or acting as smart?"

On the other side there was nothing like that. She has practiced to be happy in every situation with everyone. Thats why  she was enjoying her work. Everyday she tries to do her work with more gracefully. Being an human being and mother of 4 yr old little champ she also get tired and caught by frustration but never involved her personal and professional life with each other. 

One of her coworker once asked her directly,"please let me know the reason of your happiness while your entire day goes in the danger zone (boss's cabin). Or your full time smile is fake?"

She laughs and answers," I like that you asked me directly and not tried to collect back bites from others. See My earlier bosses were more strict , manipulating and diplomatic...." After a pause she continues," But only for those who cheats them. From this I learned how to tacle those who are threats for you."

"Oh! What about good one?"

"Yes. They are best for good ones. Helped me a lot and taught me much more than my designation."

"But many coworker say's you impress sir by lots of buttering."

"Yes, I tried it with my very first boss, an totally workaholic , unmarried Lady. But she caught me immediately." 

"My god ! What happen then?"

A broden smile comes on her face," I thought she would fire me. But she orders 2 tea and asked me politely about my aim of life. I answered I want to reach at your position in this 3 yrs.'' Her eyes becomes tearful."My own answer reminds me her hard work, dedication, on time meetings and tight schedule. I felt shameful."

"I am sorry ."

"Don't be. Actually when I joined my 2nd job I understand her a lot . I implement everything unconsciously learned from her and become most demandable employee of my working place. So I am very thankful to her and miss her. Otherwise when I joined her I was very sensitive, emotional and looser. I respects my all bosses as my teacher and she was 1st one. Thats why I concentrates more on completing my work carefully in given time. That's it. I don't do anything else as our dear coworker thinks. And my smile is from my heart."

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