A Mother of substance
|   May 13, 2017
A Mother of substance

She is the Mom inspiration for me, I will not tell you her age. No she is not my Mom, not even my wife or my sister.

She is an awesome woman; she takes care of everything including her health.  Yes, she is very active; she goes for a walk every morning not to show anyone anything, not to reduce her weight but just to be fit and healthy. Her eyes are always open for what she is eating. She never eats the leftovers of her kids alone, she divide it among the family. She never eats the discarded items by others and I like her habit.

Yes she is a working woman, I often ask her that why don’t she stays at home and just take rest. She replies “stay at home and rest? No it’s not possible at all. The stay at home moms are just great and I am not so great. I am selfish as I love my career too. So I will never stay at home”

To your surprise she manages to find time for her beauty parlor appointments, her girl gang outing, couple dinner and not to miss quality time with kids. She even leaves her kids with their dad and just step out for shopping or just outing.

In nut shell, she is a complete woman, she never take herself granted and   let anyone do the same, she values herself. She manages her life well, sometimes takes help of maids, relatives or even her husband. She wears attractive cloths and always carries her attitude.

She plays the roles of Mom, Wife, friend, daughter, sister and above all a woman.

I love her positive approach towards life; I love her non- complaining attitude and solution giving nature.

I know that you are wondering and curious to know who she is, well she is in my dreams. I love my wife but I just want my wife to be like this dream Mom. I want every Mom to know the real value of her life, health and happiness. A great salute to this strong woman who inspires me a lot.


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