Why I change her Diapers
|   Dec 08, 2016
Why I change her Diapers

The day of my daughter's birth is the most beautiful memory of my life.

When I took her in arms for the first time I felt as if the time was stopped and only we two were there in the whole world. I could see nothing then her, she was sleeping and I was watching her, for about an hour I continued watching her.

That one hour just changed my life. Earlier I was so sure that only women are blessed to take care of a kid with perfection and that I would be a non-perfectionist dad. But because of Circumstances only we two (me & my wife) were there with our new born girl and no other help or support system was there. When they give her in my arms, my wife was still in OT (Operation Theater) thus no other option was left than to take full responsibility of my girl. I not only took her in my lap but also gave her the first ever feed (as directed by nurse).

To be very honest initially I was so reluctant to check her diaper but as I was alone to do that, I did that also. I changed her diaper without any help or guidance ( I know it seems funny but that time I was feeling like winning the world) For whatever the reason I took care of her for initial period and ever after that I continued the same.

Me & my wife not only shared the most emotional and crucial moments as "parents" but as "partner " also.

Today I am the dad who takes care of my girl when my wife is busy and vice-versa. My point to share my personal story is just to make others realize that it takes two to raise your children.

You may be a mom or a dad but for your kid you are parents & its duty of both to nourish & nurture your kids. I personally feel that a person is happier in every relation (a husband as well as father) when he is involved in parenting to the full extent. For the point of view of my daughter also I feel that she is a happy to be close to her father as well as her mother.

A kid is psychologically more stable when he sees both his parents included in parenting and brought up. I give bath to our 2 year old daughter on weekends and do all her care just like her mother. I am so content to say that I feel complete.

If you are a father(or a would be one) please make your mind up to parent your child and get involved in parenting as it is necessary for the overall development of a kid as well as your partner. I am not a perfect dad but trust me that I am a good one.

So be a parent to your kid (and not just a Mom or a Dad), put your full efforts and involve in parenting. At least start to change your little one's diaper.

Always remember that

"It takes two to make a company"

"It takes two sides to make a coin"

"It takes two raise a happy & healthy kid"

#It takes two

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