I will Manage your Choices
|   Jan 18, 2017
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I will Manage your Choices

There’s a common saying that goes with all generations that ‘the more types of food you expose your child to in the early years of life, the easier they will eat them later in life.’ I also tried to go by the hearsay, but my child decided his own preferences in his own sweet time till the time he turned 4 years. So, I could practically never ensure instilling this habit in him very early on in life. In fact, most of the time the introduction of a new item resulted in his body’s natural instinct to refuse and, therefore, an episode of throwing up. Finally, I stopped making efforts to cook a variety of meals and preferred to go with what could stay inside his tummy. However, the choice to offer restricted kind of food items had its own set of challenges. I was not sure if I was able to suffice the wide range of his nutritional needs. Therefore, I chose to add supplements to his diet not in the form of medicines but in the form of health drinks.

Considering my son’s habit of frequent throw-ups, I was a little wary initially if he would be able to keep health drinks down. My doctor as well as the elders in my family always prescribed homemade food, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough because the homemade food that my son was actually taking in was restricted to his likes and digestive ability. I started trying and testing different health drinks available in the market with gaps of a few days in between and gradually increased the frequency. Fortunately, Junior Horlicks suited my son well and I could notice that he adapted to it very well without any coaxing from my side. He would easily gulp it down without any problems related to indigestion or gas. I was also convinced of his sufficient nutritional intake as Junior Horlicks has all the important nutrients for kids, depending on their age-wise need. 

As my son grew up and his exposure to his friends and school increased, his habit to try out new things also improved. He came back home from school and started talking about how his friends liked certain food items and if I could make that for him. I was more than thrilled to see this eagerness, so I let him take the lead in what he wanted to have.

Currently, he eats all vegetables and pulses, and has no hassles with food. He eats exactly what is cooked for the family without any exclusion.

I am glad I didn’t hurry him up due to external pressure of hearsays or the internal pressure of my motherly guilty instincts. Instead, I gave him his own sweet time to develop his own preferences independently without compromising on his nutritional needs by making the right choices myself.

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