Let me be Myself and Enjoy!
|   Aug 11, 2016
Let me be Myself and Enjoy!

Whoosh! And they are over. Yes, at the blink of the eye, 45 days are over. And, I am already missing my son at home during the daytime.

Summer vacations are real breathers for us all as they give us time to focus on people and things that we don’t get time to do once we get busy in the robotic routine life of all the family members. I almost did all the things that I had aimed for during the holidays: right from spending quality time with my son, helping him develop two new skills, improving our reading list, and going on a fruitful and memorable vacation. And, before I realized, the summer vacations were over and the school bus was ready to knock at the door.

Indeed, the transition is not easy: switching our body clocks from the habit of sleeping leisurely till late to jumping out of the bed at the ringing sound of the alarm, from having long dinners in front of the television to finishing dinner by 8 pm. In fact, the list goes on: keeping the uniform ready daily for the next day, checking the almanac daily, packing up a quick snacks box with a variety, and so on. So, looking at all the moms around me, I started briefing my son and preparing him for what was coming up next.

I made a plan to put him in a routine two weeks ahead of the D-day. I started to tell him that he needs to start following the routine, otherwise it would be very difficult for him to adjust to the school timings and the upcoming changes in his schedule. For a couple of days, we both managed to finish our dinner early followed by early bedtime. However, until late in the night, we both wouldn’t be able to blink an eyelid. Of course, we were not tired as we were still enjoying the vacation throughout the day. In fact, after a few more days of trying out the same method, we realized we were going to bed early, wasting our time on the bed until late at night and waking up very late in the morning. My husband started to make fun of me for finding excuses to sleep more.

As a matter of fact, I soon realized that these were my own presumptions and I was actually implicitly preparing myself for the change and not my son as he showed remarkable flexibility even during my experiments and later at the time of the final execution too. Until one day before the first day of the school after the vacations, he didn’t want to go to school and was continuously complaining about his extended school timing this term, but right after one whole day in the school he wants to go to school everyday and doesn’t want to stay at home in the weekends also. While I am wary of the humid and hot weather outside and really looking back to the comfortable stay he had in the air-conditioned room, he is not bothered about the sweat clinging to his skin or the scorching sun basking on his head.

The change that we as adults relent, being reluctant to move out of our comfort zone, doesn’t really affect children likewise. The scope of their world is small and, therefore, their thoughts and ambitions travel within limits. We settle in a space and get used to its comfort because we think life is going to go on forever, but children remind us of the fact that life is too short and adaptability is the mantra for living it.

Children don’t know the hi-fi concepts of philosophy and work on their instincts, which may or may not suit the ways of the world. However, their instincts to celebrate, enjoy and live are way higher than ours. In fact, all they really care to ask from us is our time and participation in their world of KhuljayeBachpan. But, how many times do we really understand that need? In fact, all we keep looking for is to keep them comfortable as defined from our own perspective, which is what they are hardly looking for. Be it summers or rains, vacations or school, weekdays or weekends, children just want to enjoy. We should, therefore, too just let them be themselves and enjoy the flow of life. In fact, we should continue to learn from them the celebration that is unfolded through the change and variety of life.


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