Our Language of Love!
|   Aug 04, 2017
Our Language of Love!

I still remember, as a new mother I had asked a silly question to my doctor, 'how do I understand my baby's needs?' She had a simple answer, ' Your baby's only mode of communication right now is her crying. Whether she is hungry, sleepy, in some discomfort or requires anything, she is just going to cry, and you have to understand!' I felt like the biggest exam of my life awaits me, for in every examination I had previously appeared, I understood the question and had to work upon the answer, but here I had to first decipher the question and the answering came later on. 'Will I be able to unravel what her crying means? What if I don't? Will I make a good mother? What if I am unable to soothe her ?' So many whats were going on in my mind!It is said that Heart has a brain of its own and heart rightly puts its brain to work when it comes to mother child communication. Both our hearts had put their minds into work and the mom baby communion came most organically to us. I myself was astonished as to how easily I was able to get all her cues! A mother and child are first connected through heart and then through umbilical cord, I knew it now!

I had also come across the term 'Mother's Instinct ', it was just a theory for me until the day (rather night) I experienced it for myself. The happened 15 days after my daughter was born; as it was the month of December we used to put a cap on her throughout day and night to safeguard her from cold. It was around midnight and we were fast asleep (yes my daughter used to sleep initially!). I woke up suddenly from my deep sleep for no reason just to find the cap which I had put on my daughter had slipped on her face covering her nose and mouth, and my poor little baby was struggling with it. I immediately removed it and she was relieved, while I was sweating and trembling with anxiety and fearing for all "what ifs"! I always believed in the quote 'God could not be everywhere so he created mother', but that night I had my very own experience which further increased my faith.

Now my daughter is one and half year old and has metamorphosed into a cute little chatter box. She still has a language of her own and has enhanced my vocabulary with her words. Our communication has reached another level which now includes few words (when she is in a good mood), tears(when she is tired), yelling and screaming (when extremely happy or annoyed) and laying down on floor and screaming (when I don't give into her demands, that's her bramhastra)!

With each growth stage of her, our ways of communicating have changed rather evolved and I totally enjoyed each bit of it and awaiting for many more to come!

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