Wake up my sweetie
|   Feb 23, 2016
Wake up my sweetie

Morning times at home are absolute chaos with everyone trying hard to be on time. My patience levels are really low, still I aim to have peaceful mornings sans yelling and screaming the typical words “jaldi karo late ho raha hai”. Thus in order to keep my shirt on I have delegated the toughest job of the day to my husband –  Waking up our daughter.

My husband, being mostly unflustered, happily takes over this job all 5 days of the week. While I work in the kitchen and other areas to ensure they both leave on time at 7:15 and I at 8:30 (not always though :-)). This arrangement really works well for all three of us and most importantly it helps me to keep my saner self so I can have a good rest of the day as well.

But come weekend and things are different. I am an early riser and the other two members love to oversleep, again an arrangement which works just perfect for all of us. I create an atmosphere so they can peacefully sleep uninterrupted. Thereby, getting enough of my “ME” time. Selfish me ;-)

And then the clock ticks 9 and I start winding up what I am doing because now I have to take charge of waking up my sweetie. My “ME” time leaves me pleased with myself and now I am ready to take on the task which I dread over the weekdays. In fact this is something I so much look forward to on the weekend.

By the time I enter the bed room, she would have already slept to her heart’s content. I go near her and whisper some “koochi-koochi” stuff in her ears, and there she gives me a beautiful smile while her eyes are still closed. She opens up her arms gesturing for a big hug while her eyes are still closed.  Something just tickles inside me, I feel the thrill to bits. It just can’t be described. This is the most cherished moment of my life and I live it every weekend.

We get talking, while she still denies opening her eyes. We are in no hurry to get out of the bed and our morning bedtime conversations are really long. We plan our whole day lying there and then get up energized to execute our plan.

I wonder how much I love doing the same thing that I hated for the 5 days before it.



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