I am scared.
|   Aug 06, 2017
I am scared.

In our teens and twenties we are pretty fearless. We get introduced to fear as and when we get to understand different relationships closely. Seeing our parents growing old and developing various medical problems is the first set of fear we meet. Then our sisters & brothers getting married and moving on or settling abroad is next. The our own marriage brings lots of fears together; leaving our parents and everything associated with our childhood, adjusting to a new life style and with new people, etc.

Then finally comes our biggest fear; fear arise from our unconditional love for our children. This fear is born much before our child is born; exactly from the day we got to know about our pregnancy. Fear for our child's well-being, health, studies, career, marriage and what not. If our child sleep an hour extra we are concerned 'is he/she alright?'; if they sleep less 'is he/she under any kind of stress?'; eats less or more; comes back late after playing; goes to any relatives or friends house; etc.

A daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, wife could still be sleep peacefully; however, a mother is on her toes even when she is sleeping. This fear of a mother is no secret. Thanks to our society this fear has grown many folds in recent time due to obvious reasons.

School was the only place where a mother was able to send their kids peacefully. Recent news has even taken that peace away. And I am not referring to any particular news, it’s about all the news I have heard and read. Cab/bus drivers raping young kids, kids getting kidnapped from right outside the school, kids losing their life due to medical negligence post accidents in school premises, teachers giving inhumane punishments to students. Kids are not safe even in schools.

As a mother, I am scared. Shall I accompany my kids and wait outside the school entire day? Should I stop sending them to school? What should I do?

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