My pledge...because I am scared
|   Aug 13, 2017
My pledge...because I am scared

I am scared because of all that is happening around me to our little kids and teens. I have been giving it a lot of thought. Moment we recover from one news, there is another one making headlines.

I am sorry is all I can say to the mothers of victims. I can't feel and understand their pain. What all I feel is nothing compared to their pain. May God give you strength to stand strong for your child!

I understand and relate to how all the mothers of non-victims feel. Their anger, fear, restlessness is all that even I go through. My suggestion to each one of you is to stay calm because your emotions will reflect on your little one. We don't want our kids to be scared, right?

I have a daughter and a son. After every such news I look at my daughter. I am sure each one of you knows what goes in my mind. I also look at my son. Believe me I am more scared for him.

My fear for my kids has made me take this pledge - "I will raise my daughter strong and son responsible."

I request all you mothers and fathers and grandparents, let's make the next generation fearless and sensible.

Nothing will come out by being scared. We can't lock our kids inside the four walls of our home. They should have their freedom. Daughters have every right to go out and explore the world. Our society never realized that it is equally important to make the son "sanskari".

Is society not made of people like you and me? So it is the responsibility of each one of us. Let us stop closing our eyes when something wrong is happening to someone else's daughter. If an auto driver can save a girl from being gang-raped and a group of biker could rescue a female from distress, we all can.

I will teach my son to protect and respect his sister but also every other female. Will you?

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