Love isn’t all we need, Love is all there is!
|   Aug 01, 2017
Love isn’t all we need, Love is all there is!

The beautiful part about Love is that it doesn’t need to be acquired, or it need not be deserved, it’s a feeling that puts your heart in a state of complete Peace. The problem with us humans is that we look for this peace, this contentment in all the wrong places! In this fast paced world we look for quick and short term love and contentment. Apparently we have become compassionate about things like shoes, clothes, perfumes, food, alcohol, etc.

 I feel we’re trashing the sacred word ‘LOVE’ for materialistic pleasures—

‘I love this watch!’

‘I love the color of your shoes!’

‘Oh, I love a good Salami Sandwich.’

Aren’t we already consuming the word ‘Love’ too much! I mean I’m sitting here and wondering what are we going to tell our children?

‘Oh, I love you son!’, ‘But Mom don’t you love your shoes too?’ And I sure will not have an answer to that now!

Ever wondered when is your child the happiest? That’s right, when you’re around him, playing along with him, spending quality time with him! What does your dog wish for the entire day? Yes, that his master comes back home and plays with him, cuddles him.... No, he doesn’t want a fancy bow tie or sparkly shirt or a high-end branded leash, NO! In fact, these are the things YOU want for him, YOU, The one who ‘LOVE’s Shoes!!!!

Yes! We’re searching for Love everywhere except in a child’s eye, except in a partner’s kiss, except in a parent’s touch, except in a friend’s hug, except when your bare feet touch the wet green grass, and the air above you gives a peck on your cheek, Yes my Love, you’re searching for that fulfilment in all the wrong places!

If your Love for your Red Dress was real you wouldn’t be buying a green one! If that Car was your first Love, you would never want to replace it with a new edition XYZ Model. Those are Things/Stuff/Goods/Baggage, not Love.... Not Peace and not Contentment! They are just a mere necessity. If Shopping gave you contentment, you wouldn’t have to do it repeatedly for that rush! Once would have given you enough! These are momentary pleasures, hence their after effects don’t last that long.

Henceforward, spend that extra minute with your child playing, Call (not text) your parents everyday, Tell your Lover/partner/spouse how you feel about them more often! Sit outdoors, connect with nature, contemplate whenever possible!

Breathe, Connect, Reflect!

Until next time, LOVE........



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