Single Child - blessed?
|   Aug 07, 2017
Single Child - blessed?

              I woke up to a busy Monday morning. After my son and husband left from home, I was sitting with my usual browsing. My brother in law came with his younger son to my house. He used to go to work at 12 noon. He came for help to take care of his son for 15 mins, Since he want to send his elder one to school. His wife usually leaves to work at 6 a.m and my mother in law supports them. Being a lady in her  late fifties, she can push herself to an extent for helping them. Even though they are struggling to manage. There are lot of things to consider  before deciding to go for the second. They failed to. There are parents who successfully manage two younger siblings. Some even struggles too. But siblings will always have a company at the end. Not like a single child.

             I feel happy to be with a single child. My son does not always have a company at home. He can decide when he needs a companion. But there is no option for his cousins. He has good set of friends and cousins around. He has a lot of free,independent and imaginative play time on his own. He has the privilege of enjoying all the resources alone. He is blessed to explore more games and sports.  Also to receive the best in education too. Yes I agree, he missed the opportunity of growing along with sibling. He will learn to be compassionate, loving and caring individual. We are not doing any harm by decided to have one child. 

           Everyone cannot get everything in their growing years and after that too. We will groom our children and not to regret on our decision. 

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