Let him enjoy his day, Sunday 
|   Jun 22, 2017
Let him enjoy his day, Sunday 

Late night around 11 o'clock my husband was back from his office tour. I was waiting for him for dinner and my 2 year old slept waiting for his father. We had dinner together and just normal talk. Next morning,Sunday morning, he and my baby were sleeping and I went to kitchen to start a normal day routine. Door bell rang, I rushed in hurry so that my hubby and baby sleep doesn't get disturbed. To my surprise on door was a very old friend of mine. I was extremely happy to see her. She entered home and I with action told her to speak softly as kid and husband is sleeping. She replied, "its Sunday and your husband is sleeping till now, doesn't he help you in household work". I smiled and let it go. Then after few hours I was preparing for breakfast and husband went for bath, my friend came to me and asked, "Is everything ok between you both", I surprising said, "Yes of course, what bothered you to ask such question." She said" nothing, just like that". We four had breakfast and after that my husband went for gardening and we both spend some time in giggling on past stories.While talking to her I started dusting and cleaning the home too. After bath I started preparing for lunch, my friend came in kitchen and helped me too. But I can feel a question mark on her face but didn't queried further.After lunch we all went for movie and dinner, after returning home I cleaned the kitchen and my husband and baby went to sleep. 

I went to my friend, asked her, "What happened Sangeeta, I feel something is disturbing you. Be free to ask me anything", she hesitated and then said, "Is everything okay with you both". I wondered, "Why you feel so that its not good". 

She queried, "Three years before when I came to meet you both your husband was so co-operative, he helped you in kitchen and you both go office together, but now I feel as you are no more a working woman he doesn't consider you, he doesn't help you in kitchen and family chores ". 

I was surprised by her query, but as I know this wasn't at all true I explained her," Dear thats not at all true, he still help me in all possible ways, he daily wake up early and prepare breakfast for us as he know I slept late at night because of our kid. Before office he try to do all the laundry work as he know may be I don't get time with kid. From office he order all the grocery items as he know I won't be able to go with kid. He is mostly on tour or late night in office so he is every hour in our touch and ensures we are safe. He helps me in kitchen whenever he is free or relaxed. Yes but I don't expect any such things from him. I decided to leave my job to take care of my son, he never forced me too. He respected my decision and I respect his devotion for work and family. I ensures to take care of my home and kid completely if he is or he is not at home. And he does his part. Helping me in family chores should never be a burden on him rather it should be a choice.We were doing together till we were two. Now we are three and we shared the job. And he gets only Sunday to pursue his hobby, to do what he love to do be it gardening or staying ideal. I know its tough to take care of kid whole day but I know its even tougher to move out from home and work. So both jobs should be respected and space is needed in everyone's life.Thats what he enjoys on Sunday. "

She smiled and said " I respect your thoughts and his Sunday ". 

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