Thankyou dad for everything but sorry you were wrong here
|   Apr 30, 2017
Thankyou dad for everything but sorry you were wrong here

I still remember my friends used to tell their favourite superheros : batman, superman, spiderman but for me it was my father. Being the only child to my parents I was pampered a lot but being a girl child I was my father's darling. He never refused my any demands. I proudly tell my friends I am the only child and no one to share my parents love. He was broken seeing tears in my eyes and his eyes were brighten up seeing my smile. He can't leave me alone for a day too. And same was with me. I shared everything of school and college with my dad. For many mischief I used to do in schools I was scolded by my mom but encouraged by my dad. He taught me one beautiful thing, "Your mischef is always good till it doesn't hurt others". I always had a supporting hand. In studies, play, travelling everywhere. But yes sometimes I feel my mom lack his support in family chores. From morning till night she works but was rarely appreciated for this.Being a homemaker was really tough and that too without appreciation or support. Whenever I help her dad used to say, "Ye tumhara kaam nahi hai". I know this was his love for me. But then whose work was it.Why its only mom works. She don't only cook for herself or wash n iron just her clothes, then why its her work only. 

My father help me in all possible ways to achieve my dreams. I became a well qualified, independent girl. Everything was perfect. And then one day my father search for a perfect man started who can love me the way he did.  Then a fine day his search came to an end and I was married. We live in a nuclear family. Just two of us. I asked my hubby doesn't he kept a cook he said no, he loves to cook himself and now we both will cook together. I was kind of pissed off. I never forgot my dad's words, "Ye tumhara kaam nahi hai", dad never let me cook and now this man wants me to help him in kitchen, why can't we hire a cook. He was very calm and said, "Don't worry, if you don't like cooking I will manage myself but sorry I don't want a cook". He kept his words and never asked for help in kitchen. He prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. One day dad and mom came to meet us. My mom helped my husband in kitchen, I and dad were talking. Dad was surprised how his son-in-law is so comfortable with her daughter not helping him in kitchen. But yes he was happy because I was happy.  Days passed and my husband was patiently following his routine. I felt guilty, I asked him, "Don't you feel annoyed that I never cook neither I help you", he calmly said, "Have you ever asked this to your mom".   I wondered why I never felt bad for my mom. Why when dad said its not my job I never argued him.Why she never expected me to help her.   He made me realise I blindly followed my dad thought. If I am hungry its me who is responsible to cook not my mom or husband. Why we teach our daughters kitchen is not their place, standing on their legs includes everything whether its family chores or going out and earning.Love whatever you do. In the race of equality between boys and girls we are forgetting the motto was to educate girls for better future not to educate them that household tasks are inferior.  For a beautiful life both, husband and and wife, should equally participate. Sex doesn't decide what work you can do what not. Your interest and ability does. And interest develops if you have good company. 

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